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In the last 4 months I have acquired quite a bit of sewing supplies! Many items given to me from those who know I am exploring my creativity….for these people I am thankful!
However, last evening I realized I have supplies in all rooms of my home! Guess I got a little out of control….lol. So I spend a few hours last evening reorganizing.  I now have a better grasp of what I have and even ideas on projects. When My Love saw the pile of future projects he questioned if I have enough time to get everything done. Silly man….there’s always time!!!!
The projects are: Tote Bag ( I started last fall), Kindle Case, Table Cover, Pillowcases, Pillow, Table Runner, Mug Rugs, Towels ( adding sewn trim to pre purchased towels), cover for the top of a Washing Machine, Dresser Scarves.
Oh that’s right you don’t know do you? I went to work and two people asked if I would make them a Key Strap. I agreed. Then they asked if I would make them for Christmas presents for their friends and family? My immediate reaction was astonishment!! Here I just made one because I was sick of losing my keys in my purse. After thinking about it for a brief moment I said I would do it! I  am still in shock that someone is willing to pay me to make Key Straps for them. Got another order today for one.
Things are looking good from where I am sitting!! I guess the time is coming for me to admit that I have talents and creativity in me. Nah….not ready yet!


What is needed to do Water Color Nails

Water Color Nails Take 2

Water Color Nails Take 2

DSCN0361Cell Phone Sleeping Bag…formerly known as Cell Phone Holder


Cell Phone Sleeping Bag


Cell Phone Holder materials


Whipped Frosting Mix by Wilton


Tie Dye Cake

The cake is chilling in the fridge. Ended up doing a two layer cake with Wilton Whipped Frosting. I planned on piping on a design in Orange…but do to having to walk away from it (important phone call) the frosting started losing volume. Kinda disappointed in that.
The cellphone holder is not at all what I expected. I wanted something that was padded front and back. This is only padded in the front. About to start the finally hand stitching.
As for Water Color Nails…I am planning on doing that this evening….dinner needs to be made first. I will be doing a darker blue and an orange. So exciting!!!
Once I have finished my nails I will post pictures of everything. Hoping to get the pictures up tonite….if not then tomorrow at the latest.

I was inspired when I saw a pattern for a cell phone holder (I removed the link as it was a terrible project…I will be creating my own)

So I will be making one for My Love today. In addition to Water Coloring my nails..again! I plan on also making a Tie Dye Cake. Hoping there is enough time in today to get this all done!

I have been a busy lady today. In-addition to what I wanted to do today  I also have started prepping dinner and some cleaning has been done. Wish we had a maid then I could devote that time to sewing, baking, cooking and exploring my creativity.

Looking at the time I see that I have a few more hours before My Love gets home from work. Hoping to hand stitch the final portion of the cell phone holder, do my nails and also make frosting for the cakes. And this was to be a relaxing day for me before heading back to work.

Side Note: Earlier today someone in my life asked if I would like a Serger. Of course I said YES. She purchased it years ago and had not gotten around to even opening the box…this is the wonderful person who has been generously giving me fabric.  What a glorious day it is in my world!

Fabric  I decided on

Fabric I decided on

One side stitched

One side stitched

both sides stitched

both sides stitched

Clip end before clip added

Clip end before clip added

Loop End

Loop End

Clip end

I am tired of my keys hiding at the bottom of my tote bag or purse. After a quick Google search I found instructions for a key strap. I have altered the instructions as I like how I finished off the Clip end rather than what was recommended. I also like that I added the clip as it will allow me to attach it to a purse strap or tote bag handle…now I will have easy access to my keys! This makes me happy!

My Experimenting with Water Colored Nails

I watched a YouTube video yesterday and thought it looked pretty simple. My Love went out for the evening which means….ta da …time to see if I can be creative with nail polish!!

I used SinfulColors Professional in Unicorn 953 & Bali Mist 387.My BaseCoat was Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat. My top coat Was Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Pro. I strongly recommend coating the skin around the nail with Vaseline. Once the polish dries you just peel away the excess. Wash your hands and your done. I forgot to Vaseline the other hand and it has been time consuming cleaning off the excess polish and I even just noticed there are still areas of my skin that I need to remove the polish from.

I will definitely  do this again. It was fun!

How awesome I have followers already and am still clueless. Guess I will have to spend some quality time learning about blogging now that I have an audience.

Unseen Waterfall

At Forest Lawn in Buffalo, NY

1st Completed curtain

They are room darkening curtains. Had to take more off the bottom than originally intended as they all blocked all breeze coming in the room. Not good seeing we are having a heat wave

Curtain Top

So proud of how it turned out

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