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Posted on: 2013/07/29

I was inspired when I saw a pattern for a cell phone holder (I removed the link as it was a terrible project…I will be creating my own)

So I will be making one for My Love today. In addition to Water Coloring my nails..again! I plan on also making a Tie Dye Cake. Hoping there is enough time in today to get this all done!

I have been a busy lady today. In-addition to what I wanted to do today  I also have started prepping dinner and some cleaning has been done. Wish we had a maid then I could devote that time to sewing, baking, cooking and exploring my creativity.

Looking at the time I see that I have a few more hours before My Love gets home from work. Hoping to hand stitch the final portion of the cell phone holder, do my nails and also make frosting for the cakes. And this was to be a relaxing day for me before heading back to work.

Side Note: Earlier today someone in my life asked if I would like a Serger. Of course I said YES. She purchased it years ago and had not gotten around to even opening the box…this is the wonderful person who has been generously giving me fabric.  What a glorious day it is in my world!

2 Responses to "Inspiration=Project"

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, a serger! Lucky you! I have heard that makes things super easy when sewing, but would have no clue when it would be appropriate to be used or on what project. Good for you!

I am looking at it as another thing for me to learn. I am looking forward to seeing what I am going to create a with it.

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