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In my experience so worth the time and money so go read her newest release

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Wondering if anyone would be interested in me posting recipes that I make that dem share worthy?
I am always up to trying new recipes. After cooking for 20 years one trends to get in a rut. At least in my opinion.  My Love does get nervous at time when I say we are trying something new…he usually is a good sport about it.
So I will await feedback before posting any recipes.

So I acquired another pattern yesterday. When I arrived at work there was a pattern for Scribe that had my name on it. This is from a dear co worker who has given me sewing supplies in the recent past. I am touched every time she gives me something. Thinking I really need to do something for her.
Have some fun things planned the next few days. So need the relaxation. Have a Pay Benetar concert on Friday. Picking up fabric for table runner on Saturday also going to hit the outdoor market. Setting  time aside to Sunday to sew with a new friend via Skype (something I have never done before….use Skype).
Off to work….another fun filled day in the land of pediatrics the week before school starts! If I haven’t mentioned it prior I am a Medical Assistant by day at a Pediatric Office. 

Have not really done anything creative recently. That would be due to the fact that I have been tired. Work has been busier and just low energy after dinner or on the last couple weekends.
Although, this past weekend the weather was nice so I spent some outdoor time with My Love and took a few pictures the night we went to see the sunset. One of which I am posting for you.

My only creative goal this week is to start the darn tote bag from 11/2012. I am doing my first live sew along via Skype this coming weekend. Going to make a table runner…so excited.
Sorry I have been a little lax in posting here. Working on getting back on track….I have been reading alot lately. So many books so little time. Reading three books right now…need to finish at least one soon as it gets a bit confusing..totally thinking I may be ADD when it comes to reading…lol.
Hope your night is joyful and peaceful.

A friend suggested I join FreeCycle. After looking around the site I decided why not.  If your unfamiliar with FreeCycle it is where people are looking to get rid of items and people are looking for items.
I saw a posting for a box of sewing patterns and a Quilt Kit. So I contacted “M” to learn that someone beat me to them. Made me a little sad…oh well whatever I thought. Then today “M” emailed me that they were still available. Was I still interested? Needless to say I picked them up earlier this evening.
When I arrived at her home she informed me that she also had a bag of fabric that someone never picked up and it was mine if I wanted it. That’s right ladies and gentlemen I also scored a bag of fabric.
Here are the pictures of  the newest additions to my every growing sewing supplies.  The total that it cost me was $0.
Just couldn’t resist sharing!






I came across this quote on Goodreads this morning and it has inspired this post!

“Doing something positive will help turn your mood around. When you smile, your body relaxes. When you experience human touch and interaction, it eases tension in your body.” ~ Simone Elkeles

A Ramble for a Sunday afternoon

I have never felt completely relaxed! My Love is known for telling me to relax to which I always respond: I don’t know how. So today I am going to make a genuine effort to relax. I always feel as if I need to be doing something other than what I am doing or thinking about something other than what I am thinking about. I think this is taking  multi-tasking to a new level. A level I know longer want to be at.

I am working on freeing up time by getting the necessities done early today. I vow not to start prepping for dinner before dinner needs to be prepped. I am famous for starting Sunday dinner prep at about 1 pm. Believing that this will make less time in the kitchen later. However, then I feel like I have been making dinner ALL day which in fact I did.

I have read articles on how to relax….utter drivel in my humble opinion. I often wonder when and where in a person’s life they learn to relax. Could my problem me that it is something I am striving for instead of allowing to happen? Have I always been able to achieve relaxation without knowing it? What is relaxation anyway? Is it just a sense of inner peace? Is it a state of mind? Could it be a trait that some have and others don’t? Ah so many questions…Do you have any answers?


Spent time with family today. Even though I was feeling under the weather…decided getting dressed up and doing my hair plus some much needed vitamin D might help life me up.  Having a 10 and 12 year old nephew in from Nebraska plus 2 paddle boat rides so helped today. LOVED seeing my SIL  Laurel. Also had quality girl time with a favorite friend was a total bonus. Will so miss her when she is in Seattle for 2 1/2 weeks. 

I recently joined a group that gets together bi-monthly for a Free Sew. I had no clue what that meant…until I did a bit of reading. We work on whatever project we are currently on or a project you need motivation to proceed with.
That sounded perfect for me…I started a project in November of 2012 and have been at a standstill. What a great opportunity for me to proceed (read: start…the only thing I have done up until this morning is pin everything together after cutting the pattern pieces out). Plus I also get to meet others that are interested in sewing.
I am hoping to post pictures of what I was able to accomplish today. See I have been very apprehensive of patterns and today I am hoping to overcome that. Enjoy what today brings you.
Update: I had to back out of today’s Free Sew due to an illness that hit me suddenly. Makes me so sad as I was looking forward to this for the last month 😦

Today I just can’t fight this tried feeling! Feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished. When I verbalized this aloud…My Love was kind enough to point out what I in fact accomplished. I made Horseradish Hummus, made a stethoscope cover, did 2 loads of laundry, made Chili Mac and a Taco salad with a Lime Ricotta Dressing! Guess I was more productive than I thought. In fact I think it is time to enjoy a glass of Muscato and a good book!

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