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Posted on: 2013/09/02

I am doing a sew along via Skype this afternoon. Through the website sew mama sew I made a lovely woman named Heidi. Together we are making Table Runners.  I have never before used Skype nor made a table runner.

I chose 2 patterns of home decor fabric. It was either that or I would have had to fused interfacing to my fabric and seeing this is meant as a birthday gift I didn’t mind the additional expense of the home decor fabric. I went with a brown, tan and ecruish color. My thinking being that it is a good fall color scheme for southern states.

Thus far I have cut my fabric and pinned the right sides together. I am practically sitting here on my hands to prevent myself from starting to sew. I must simply finding something to occupy myself with  until we begin!

I am uploading pictures of the fabric now and will post them under the Sewing tab.

Will post a picture once this project is completed!

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