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Sew Busy This Sunday Afternoon

Posted on: 2013/09/22

After I finished cleaning today I became rather productive:

Pillow Case

* Pillowcase

* Pillow
* Stethoscope Cover —tutorial coming soon
I must go check on the status of dinner (not ready yet). Sirloin Tip Roast, baby carrots, potatoes and mushrooms in a mushroom onion gravy~ reheating in the crock pot. This was to be yesterday’s dinner however I decided at the last moment to attend The 11th annual Music is Art Festival held in Buffalo, New York( My version of how to describe  Music is Art: On 8 stages 100 bands played. Food Trucks, Beer and Wine Tents, activists for the kids, Artist as far as the eye could see. Sadly, the henna tattoos cancelled at the last minute due to weather conditions…oh well guess I have to wait until next year.
Music is Art  was so much fun! Even though it had rained all day causing there to be mud puddles everywhere. I donned my boots and set out to go hear Whiskey Reverb(   play a 30 minute set.
This was to be my first meal from a Food Truck. Who would have know it was possible to get something so yummy. I ended up ordering at Amy’s Truck( I opted for the Falafel Sandwich. It was served wrapped in a Pita that was the best I ever had.  Over all it is what I refer to as Yummers. It was so large I was unable to eat the whole thing. Money well spent!
I think I have talked long enough….

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