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Posted on: 2013/09/26

So tonite My Love and I went to a fundraiser entitled: Serving Up Success. It was a collection of local restaurants, wineries and breweries. It was a way to taste healthy options available. I was so thrilled to be given tickets to go to this from my place of employment. Especially with the fact that I have lost 40 pounds since January 2013. What totally surprised me was My Love asking if he could go with me. He is a typical meat and potatoes guy. He was a terrific sport. He found one that he liked so he kept eating until he was full. While I on the other hand attempted to try every place.  Out of 24 participating Restaurants, wineries and breweries I tried 17.

Here is a list of what I tried and links to those I feel were worthy:

I am off to relax for a few before heading to bed. Early start time at work tomorrow and it looks like it will be the type of morning when I will need all the energy I can get!

4 Responses to "Foodie Post"

Congrats for loosing 40pounds! That is great. Sounds like a fun event too. But was all food served really a healthy option? Like… chocolate and cider…?! Or did they serve a healthier version of these?

Thank you. Funny thing is I have lost it gradually and just recently realized how much I have lost. I feel that yes all food was a healthier option. Let me try to explain why I feel this way. One restaurant (Fat Bob’s Smokehouse) is known for their BBQ. They offered a Creole Chicken Wrap which prior to this I did not know they had. So when My Love and I go there I will be more apt to get that while he goes with Ribs. It is letting me know that one does not need to necessarily go with what the restaurant is popular for. And the chocolate….the cupcake was a mini which is definitely better than a full size. The cider offering also have the apples and it would have been acceptable to just skip the coffee but being from New York State I find it hard to pass up trying a cider I haven’t had. I guess it is all in the decisions that one makes. Everything in moderation.

Ok, they makes fully sense to me! And I agree: eating healthy is good but it should not be exaggerated, once in a while a cider, chocolate or whatever i quite ok.

We’re glad you tried the Semi Sweet Riesling! I hope you enjoyed it!!
Please stop by our tasting room sometime and see what else we have to offer- we would love to have you! And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook to be the first to know what event we will be pouring at next!

-Danielle N. DeMaison
Tasting Room Manager
Long Cliff Vineyard & Winery, Inc.

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