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This week I have been working on fabric napkins and designing the piggy bag.. I have decided to try Mug Rugs again. Getting nowhere fast on the latter. Just spent the better part of an hour making the template. I can not figure out what the issue is today. All I know is that I am coming nowhere near it being the perfect hexagon. I just made what I have deemed the final template for the night and am afraid to see if it is indeed correct…this time.

This weekend I am taking a skill building class: Inserting Zippers.  I am looking forward to this. it will be most useful…so I am told. I am hoping to complete a couple more napkins and to start on the Piggy Bag and possible 2 Mug Rugs. 

It has been a rough work week so far. So looking forward to a stress free weekend! Also looking forward to only working 4 days next week. As I took a long weekend in honor of our 19th Anniversary. Shit….trying to figure out where the time has gone. I do not feel that I am old enough to be married for that long. Usually we are low key with the whole celebration thing and gifts. However it just came to light a couple of days ago that in my weight loss I have lost weight in my fingers. Go figure. My wedding band has taken to almost falling off as of late. Looks like there is a new ring in my future. Oh darn now I have to go to the jewelers ….what a shame 🙂

Sew Mama Sew Homemade Holidays

Looks like this is year 7 for Sew Mama Sew celebrating Homemade Holidays. I am looking forward to this. I know I maybe doing some homemade gifts this year!


Once I was done…..I realized that my current key strap would clash way to much. Off to the ironing board/ sewing machine to make this smaller key strap that fits perfectly on the key loop!


For this photo I turned the bag inside out. The pattern I referred to did not have a pocket. I felt it needed a pocket for my phone. I adore this pocket. I took it yet one step further and added a loop for my keys.


I wanted to do a trial run on the piggy toy bag. This is the perfect size for me. Of the bags I have made this is by far my favorite. However too small for a toy bag. Back to the thinking board.

I have been a busy lady today. As you know I made a stop at Joann’s today. I then went on to grocery shop. I know have a pot of chili simmering on the stove for dinner. It has been windy and raining today so I thought this was a nice day for it. My Love always enjoys when I make it because he knows there will be Chili Mac in his future. I have cut fabric for napkins. I am thinking of taking the four I cut and turning them into double-sided ones. Seeing I have a bit of time on my hands I am going to go and press them so that after dinner I can sew them.

While I was out today I also picked up the gift for my 50th Blogger. I do not want to spoil anything but I think she is in for a surprise!! Her package should go out this coming week!


So I was in need of some thread and ended up with these items plus a Dritz Bobbin Box. I just love that it was under $16 for all this.  I am excited that I found the perfect size hoop. It is for a thread catcher I have been wanting to make.


This is the wrong side of the napkin.


I do not think there is a project that gets any easier than this! This is my sample napkin. Wondering if I should play around with the stitching…does it really need to be a straight stitch?

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