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CD Pocket

Posted on: 2013/10/04

CD Pocket

On Wednesday I went to my local JoAnn’s to purchase double sided fusible interfacing for this project. I figured I have such a stash at home no need for fabric this trip. WRONG! I came across this beautiful fabric that I knew My Love would like and it would match our car too. This was rather easy to make. Yesterday I cut the fabric and interfacing and decided to start the project today. Kind of a distraction from the cold symptoms that hit me last night. I had intended on adding elastic so that it would live on the sun visor in the car. However, I became confused by the elastic application and so it will still stay in the car but just not attached to anything. It holds 12 CD’s. I am so glad that I purchased the book that contained the instructions for this last weekend. Time to try the honey remedy that I saw on Pinterest. I took it once today and it recommends twice a day. Hoping it helps as I really really want to take this trip to Cohocton, NY for the Fall Foliage Festival in the morning.

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