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October Free Sew

Posted on: 2013/10/18

Tonight I am preparing for my Free Sew tomorrow. I decided to make a mug rug after seeing this tutorial: I have made the hexagon template, cut the 18 strips of fabric, cut the hexagon fabric piece and starting gathering the necessary notions.  Looking forward to starting this new project.

I will be stopping for my new addiction: Pumpkin Brewed Coffee from Starbucks prior to arriving at the library that it is held at. It tickles me that I can bring coffee into the library and it is okay. As for the Starbucks….I am apparently in the midst of Good Starbucks Karma. Last Saturday I was credited $10 by Starbucks due to a mix up by the Barista and then on Tuesday a co-worker gave me a $5 gift card. It feels good to be me. I also became aware that they now have a Hazelnut Macchiato.  Now that I am thinking about it maybe I will get an Iced Skinny Upside Down Hazelnut Macchiato as I would hate for my Pumpkin Brewed Coffee to get cold or worse I finish it before the Free Sew ends. Decisons Decisions!!!


Update: I went with the Iced Skinny Upside Down Hazelnut Macchiato. At first I was sad as they made me it a Carmel Macchiato so I had to return to Starbucks…they made the correct drink and gave me a voucher for a free drink. I was not very impressed with the Hazelnut 😦 Oh well at least I can say I tried something new.  Enjoyed the Free Sew today. Will post picture once I have completed it! 

4 Responses to "October Free Sew"

Um, so jealous of your Starbucks!!!! Also excited for your mug rug!! Thank you for linking to me! 😀

I have become a coffee snob since a friend brought me whole bean coffee from Seattle. Now I grind my brand every morning just before brewing. Of course it is Starbucks…My husband is home on it too.

that’s so cool – I just made a hot pad (gonna make the mug rug next) using this very same tutorial on sewnhenge! AND learned to make a hexi pattern there too. Small world, this Blogovia, eh? And I guess you’d call us coffee snobs too – grind the beans every morning for fresh coffee. MMMMmmm…love it!!

Started the Mug Rug this afternoon. I have a feeling that if I use all 18 strips it will be one of the world’s largest Mug Rugs,We shall see though. I really enjoy Sewnhenge’s Blog! Whole Bean Coffee is the way to go! Just bought a bag of Cafe Verona. The last coffee we had was a Medium roast and I wanted to try a Dark roast!

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