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Mug Rug Update

Posted on: 2013/10/20

This video is my first. It shows where I have come in this project. Hope it is view able as I have not idea how to upload a video…lol

12 Responses to "Mug Rug Update"

It looks great!! I don’t think I’ve ever made something that didn’t have a bit of wonkiness in it, but that always makes it a bit more special, right? 😀 I love how you made a video!

We like how it looks…I have the binding made not yet applied. I have been s busy wife today. At least now the laundry is done, roasted squash, made Apple sauce, cold brewing some coffee, dinner is about ready to go on the oven. Now there should be at least s few minutes for sewing. I kinda like wonkiness. I am impressed that was my first video.

Ooh, you are a better woman than I! Pancakes were made this morning and some laundry was done, but other than that nothing really happened, not even sewing! I have no idea where this day went, lol!

We all have those days. I am not a better woman. On top of all your creativity you also have children to look after. It is just me and My Love over here. I commend all you do.

Well gee wiz, you just made me feel awesome! Haha thank you. 😀

I wouldn’t even know how to make a video so Bravo! People tell me I’m busy, but I don’t even touch your day! Keep up the good work. 🙂

Thank you. I guess I can adding making a video to the list of things that I have done this year 😉

It’s probably a long list already! That reminds me to go back and check in on my goals list. I’m a little afraid to! 😉

The list is getting longer that is for sure. Don’t be afraid you may have surprised yourself.

[…] side ever since. I love how she posts all the steps along they way on her blog. She even made a video of her progress of this mug rug on her site 🙂 She is proof that you can start any time to tap into […]

I have been having so much fun….I am so touched that you mentioned me on your blog… thing to happen to me this week.

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