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Upcoming Sewing Projects

Posted on: 2013/10/23

I was flipping through one of my sewing books today looking for my next project. It was around the time I remembered that I have projects in the wings. I need to make a bag using the pig fabric I have for a co worker, I need to make a wrist key strap for a co worker (who happened to be my 1st follower…she has been so patient), a set of 4 fabric napkins for a my mother in law’s birthday package and a table runner for my sister in law. Guess I need to stay away from the sewing books and start sitting in front of my machine  🙂 There is this  coupon organizer that I so want to make as well as a sewing machine cover (already know what fabric I am using….so excited). Hoping to get to these fun projects soon. 

My Love just left to pick up dinner…I decided not to cook so off to get Chinese Food. Thinking I may surprise him and make Pumpkin Cookies tonight. If I do that then I must go now as I am 1/2 done painting my nails. 

Enjoy what the rest of today brings you!

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