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It’s Friday and….. I hurt

Posted on: 2013/11/01

As always I was looking forward to Friday’s arrival as it signals the end of the work week and and beginning of my creative time. However, last night my back started hurting. Thought nothing of it took some anti inflammatory and went to bed early. I woke up numerous times last night due to the discomfort. This morning I called my boss and said I would not be in today. I can not believe how badly my lower back feels. Sitting and standing are the worst. Laying has become tolerable. Well there goes being creative and looks like I need to pamper myself today. 

One quick thing before I go back to laying down.

I want to thank Michelle of for mentioning me  and the Mug Rug I made from her tutorial on her blog. Her tutorial really is easy to follow and I am looking forward to making “normal size” Mug Rugs soon.

Hope you have a great weekend and as always Enjoy what today brings you!

8 Responses to "It’s Friday and….. I hurt"

I think I have a sewing problem…….I know I should need resting my back butt is just cutting a few steps of fabric. I could handle that right….wrong said the sweat beading on my forehead. Let’s just the 18 strips are cut and back to bed with the hearing pad….Damn It!

oh man, you poor thing! I’m the same way, it is really hard to stop when you are in the middle of something!

As I am not that patient I am going to try to sew a little tomorrow. My body is telling me I pushed to hard today…haircut and lunch date. Going to relax this evening.

Ooh jealous of that haircut! It has been years since I got a professional one! Make your husband give you a mini massage 🙂

I adore the girl I go to….I pay under $20…which makes me so happy. Back rubs help. Feeling much better than I did on Friday 🙂

Hope you get better soon -one of my colleagues just slipped a disc -back pain is the worst!

Only think worse is tooth pain/foot pain.

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