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Himalayan Institute Buffalo — Yoga | Meditation | Wellness

Posted on: 2013/11/17

I decided I want to try Yoga by the end of the year. This center is not far from me. They also have seminars….a couple in December have peaked my interest.

2 Responses to "Himalayan Institute Buffalo — Yoga | Meditation | Wellness"

I used to do yoga at home quite a bit and I’m in the search for some good dvd’s so I can begin again. When I used to be more into yoga my strength and flexibility greatly improved. I must admit I only like yoga for the exercise benefits and I believe correct breathing is important in all aspects of working out. I just don’t believe in the spiritual aspect of yoga.

PS I still haven’t made the stethoscope cover lol. One day!

I am going to try Yoga for relaxation. I have never truly been able to relax and an hoping it helps. One day you will have time for the stethoscope cover….when that day comes the tutorial is there for you.

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