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Infinity scarf or not

Posted on: 2013/12/01

I have been working on making  an Infinity Scarf. Or so I thought. Last night I modeled it for My Love…he gave rave reviews. I liked the softness of the fabric against my skin. Upon looking in the mirror I almost wanted to make one for myself….but I am not a scarf wearing woman.
However, this morning it occurred to me that a infinity scarf should be a round loop. Hmmmm mine was not. So off to the bookmarked pattern and a you tube video. After undoing ALL of last night’s work I once again began making an Infinity Scarf.
I get to the last step when I hear the following dreaded words: Hand sew the opening…my hand sewing looks worse than a 5 year olds. So I rip all the work I had done and head to my machine.Yes the stitches are visible but who cares (I keep repeating these last three words to myself in hopes that I start to believe them). I showed it to a friend and she says so what….who’s going to notice.
This is a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker. I guess I am just nervous about whether she will like it or not. People like handmade things right? Should I just have bought her one? Well she like the fabric I chose? Why am I making myself anxious about this? Ugh Thursday can not come quick enough (that is when we exchange).

Enjoy what today brings you!

2 Responses to "Infinity scarf or not"

I’m sure it is fantastic!! If you ever look close at store bought things, the seams are usually terrible, I would be horrified to sew things that I have bought in the past 🙂 in sure your scarf will be much appreciated!!

Michelle your words have helped a bit in easing my anxiety….I plan on posting two pictures of it tonite

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