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Crochet and Tatting

Posted on: 2013/12/06

I  have decided that in 2014 I will learn how to crochet and how to tatt. I purchased a book that I am thinking will help. However, I will take an suggestions or advice you have to offer!
My Gram taught me how to crochet as a young child but I never kept at it. I have some of the yarn she had and would LOVE to make something with her yarn. My eyes are getting misty just writing about this…….Okay all better now.
So where was I….oh yeah. I was wondering what would be a good beginner project? I do not make to make dish cloths or socks.
Tatting is a lost art these days and is absolutely beautiful. I would like to at least try. What could hurt in trying?


Infinity Scarf recipient was extremely happy. I received random hugs throughout the day as she was so thankful. The frustrations I felt while making it melted away as soon as I saw the look on her face. She said I should make them to sell and I immediately said no. As I have learned making something for an order is too stressful for me. Confession: I told her that the wavy part was the past on the scarf that lays on the back of your neck. She thought it was so sweet I marked the back of the scarf for her! Guess my mistake worked out for the best after all.
My secret santa gave me 2 pair of fuzzy socks, a bobbin holder, a snowflake mug and a $50 gift card to JoAnn’ s. She went way over the budget but I am thrilled with what I received. The mug was so sweet of her…..I started drinking Lavender Tea and had mentioned in passing that I should get a mug that is white on the inside so I could appreciate the pretty purple color. I am one lucky lady!

7 Responses to "Crochet and Tatting"

ooh – love lavender, both the color and the tea!!

My insomnia had greatly improved in the two weeks I have been drinking Lavender Tea….it also calms me at work too. I have discovered that I love herbal teas. Today Moroccan Mint helped my tummy…I absolutely love Blues Eyes ( Dried Apple, Rosehips, Hibiscus, Cornflower Petals).

Good luck with the tatting! There are some great resources out there. are very helpful.

Thank you. I was actually looking around intatters last night….so much to learn. Shuttle vs needle, what type of thread to use, where or how to learn.

Just find what suits you. Many people recommend videos, I prefer clear diagrams. Whatever works! 😉

I have ordered a book and today I picked up a package of shuttle’s and thread! So excited!!

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