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1st Quilted Apron

I made this for a very dear person to me. She was so happy to get this

Heather Wardell

Heather is my FAVORITE author. Her talent is amazing. I advise everyone to checkout her website. Into e books well she has a free book go check it out. 


What is JDRF? Why should you care? Please take the time to educate yourself


I have been quiet for a bit…never fail I am back! Life has been crazy lately and that nuttiness is finally dying down. This past week I made a quilted apron (picture will be posted as soon as I remember where the cable is for my camera…lol), lilac solid perfume, 2 kinds of cookies and have started brainstorming fundraising ideas.

More on the fundraising: My charity of choice is JDRF . My best friend,s youngest daughter was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 5 she is now 17. She asked us last spring if we could do the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Of course we all said yes. So we all scrambled to raise money in 6 weeks

. Well this year I am trying to get an early start however I am in a quandary: I am  not very comfortable hounding people to donate but it is such a good cause. Last year I made Toddler Pillows and donated all the money I made toward the walk. This year I decided again that making something to sell would be the best option for me. Here is where I am stuck…I am thinking of such things as Potholders, Sunglasses case, Pattern Weights (which could double as bean bag toys for toddlers), Stethoscope covers. I thought that something unisex would be best but the question is what? I am open to suggestions.

My next sewing projects include  coupon organizer, infinity scarf for my nephew’s fiancée, fleece pants for My Love. I am trying to teach myself to crochet, tatting, perfect the solid perfume making and recently joined my favorite author’s Street Team. Which reminds me that I plan on including book reviews/thoughts into my blog. Oops almost forgot I will be meeting my favorite author Heather Wardell this spring to say I am excited is putting it mildly. I will be posting my New Years Resolutions soon. Stay tuned to see what fun things I have planned for 2014.

One more thing before I go. Today the mailman arrived with an unexpected package inside was a beautiful diamond ring I will also be picking up the Anniversary Band that My Love purchased for me in a  matter of a few days. If there is interest I would be more than happy to share pictures of these gorgeous rings with you…just let me know!


Celebration of 20 years

Celebration of 20 years


I picked up this quilted fabric yesterday. Tomorrow I will be making an apron from it. If I am extremely careful with my stitching it could be a reversible apron.
This is a gift for a woman who has always been like a mother to me. Her favorite color is people and she is an avid gardener. Hope she likes it!


I am almost done with it. I just need to finish the sides. This is not what I intended there was a mistake with the unicorn fabric. I cut it wrong and decided to make it look like patch work instead!


My friend was very happy with the apron!! Which makes me even happier than I was before. This was the first thing I made to order and charged for it. I was nervous about telling her how much I wanted for it. She was so happy she gave me more than I was asking!!!!
I will definitely make this again.

This quote fits me perfectly!


All that I need to do get is add the twill tape….I am super happy with it


I thought making a solid perfume would be difficult. Boy was I wrong. All you need is Sweet Almond Oil, Bees Wax Pellets and essential oil. It takes under 10 minutes to make. So happy that I can give this to a friend on Tuesday.

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