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Mitten Project…

Posted on: 2014/01/01

Today I decided to make a pair of fleece lined mittens. I just finished sewing the first one to discover…..There is no way in the world anyone older than a year old could get their hands in the mitten…. Guess it is back to the beginning…. So thought I had this….dang it

2 Responses to "Mitten Project…"

You’re not alone Marie. I was sewing pajama bottoms for the kids two days before Christmas. I was nearly done with my son’s when I held them up and realized I had sewn every single seam to the wrong piece. They couldn’t have been more wrong. And instead of two legs I had one giant leg. I’ve made these a million times, but that was just not my day. My husband helped me rip out all the seams, I started over and they turned out perfectly. I hope your next set of mittens is a keeper! 🙂

Thank you for letting me know I am not alone. Last night was the second attempt and that is funnier than the first. This mitten is so big that I think Andre the Giant would find it too roomy. I am not giving up….I will make a pair of mittens if it takes my whole fabric stash to get it right 😉

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