Discovering Marie

My Christmas Week

Posted on: 2014/01/03

In a previous post I had mentioned that life has thrown some curve balls my way. I was very vague about this….until today.

The week of Christmas I found out that one of my Great Aunt’s died. I was really sad to hear this on one hand. On the other hand she was 92 years old and was not in the best of health recently. I attended the wake one week ago today. This was the first time in many moons that I have seen some of the family that was at the wake. It was good to see my brother,  we have made tentative plans to get together sometime this month. He and I have been estranged for many years so maybe that will change in some manner. Only time will tell.

The day after Christmas I am on my lunch break and in walks My Love. I was so happy to see him I ran up to him and hugged and kissed him and at this moment I said Uh Oh…this isn’t good. See he has only visited me at work a couple of times and each time it was bad news. We excuse ourselves and head somewhere quiet. He tells me that we need to talk as something has happened  and proceeds to tell me that he was fired. This has thrown us off-balance to say the least. Neither one of us ever saw this coming. He worked there for 7 1/2 years. WOW. He was told that his job was no longer necessary.  My heart hurts so much right now. I can not begin to image what he is going through. He knows I am here for him that I support him always and that I love him so much. It has been just over a week and the two of us are still in shock. There are many things I want to say, need to say but am unable to. I am trying to compose thoughts and this is the best I can do right now. So if the grammar and whatnot are not up to par please forgive me.

It seems like a moment ago we where excited by the holidays coming up and now that talk is unemployment and budget cutting. Ah Life…sure likes to keep one on their toes. Oh no worries here. We are stronger together. I am trying to stay optimistic. In fact someone suggested that I make myself a Quote Booklet. So next thing I know I am writing favorite quotes on a Mat Stack I bought. Punches wholes in them and strung them with pink ribbon. I LOVE It. Everyday we look at our quote of the day and it helps. Some days it helps only for a moment or two others it changes how that day would have went. I have been playing around with possibly blogging about the quotes. After I read each one I feel like I need to write about it. So we shall see.

My tummy has started to rumble and I realize the time and must head off in search of dinner. Now where did I put that Pho menu (hey a girl needs to eat and it’s soup)

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