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A Dream Come True

Me & Heather Wardell. This is a picture that was taken last night at a local Starbucks! I can’t believe after all these years I finally met her. I will be doing a post soon on this fun filled evening.
Not my favorite picture of me but people it is HEATHER WARDELL standing next to me!

Tonight is the beginning of a busy weekend for me. I have errands to do tonite : ie grocery shopping and also in need of a new outfit for Sunday! Tomorrow is cleaning day and hoping to make a few more Comfort Pillows. Sunday early afternoon I have having my hair colored and highlighted. Sunday evening I am meeting with the Author Heather Wardell….btw if you do not already knows she is my FAVORITE author. This is so exciting as I get two hours with her at a local Starbucks. As far as I know it will be just the 2 of us!!!! Monday I go to obtain my enhanced drivers license…which will allow me to go to Ikea in Canada next Saturday!!!
I plan on posting pictures of my time with Heather next week. I don’t have any recent photos of myself in clothes that actually fit…so this is a great opportunity.

So last night I decided to take a break from my electronics (ie: phone, kindle and lap top) due to the recent flare of a chronic condition. I was reading a book when the idea for a baby mat came to me. So off I was measuring and cutting. Stubborn me because cutting should have been a No No as well. At the end of  the night I had cut 2 pieces of fabric and a piece of batting. Today after work I pinned the three layers and sewed them on 3 sides. On the 4th side I left an open to reverse it. I did a top stitch around the entire thing. I wash and dried it to see….the batting bunches in the middle but flattens with smoothing. Seems quite possible that I missed sewing the batting when I was closing it up. Needless to say it is not up to my standards so I am hesitant to post a picture. I can’t be too unhappy as I am gifting  it to a co worker who is expecting in April. I shall try this again after going back to the creativity board.

*I suffer from Chronic Neck Pain due to a car accident and also have an ankle issue that causes severe pain from time to time. I think I am having a flare up due to the Wolf Blanket (an hour of continuous sewing…my foot was not happy with the vibration). I try not to let it stop me though.


I was on Fiskars website the other night and came across instructions for making a comfort pillow. It seemed simple enough so I figured why not. Boy was I wrong…every thing was great until I went to sew it after filling with flax seed. The dang fabric would not move. So I ended up finishing this one with a couple of rows of stitches and a pair of pinking shears.


I made a second one. As you can see this one I finished a bit differently.

I made these as I was looking for a gift for someone and thought this would be perfect her being a runner.  I feel that the second one is not full enough ( I ran out of flax seed) So I will keep it for myself. It seems to appears to be the perfect size to use for alleviating both menstrual cramps and the neck pain I get plagued with!

I have been a busy lady today. Had my hair trimmed, stopped and picked up donuts for breakfast (these are sooo worth the calories), went to the tea shop, stopped at the hobby store with My Love ( he is hugely into RC Cars) and finally stopped and picked up apples.
It is rather grey outside today so I decided to make a pork roast and applesauce. My Love will make his famous twice baked potatoes too. One of my happiest times is even we make a meal together.
BTW:  My Love is very happy with his blanket…which makes me smile!!!
Hope your making the most of this day!

I had a very productive evening. I recut and actually completed this Wolf Blanket for my husband. Just in time too as it is suppose to get colder….again.

I made Garbanzo Bean  soup this evening. It taste just like hummus. I am completely hooked. This could possibly bee my go to meal for when My Love is not home on Fridays. I had this made in just a half hour.
I also started a comfort pillow to give as a gift. Now I just need to give flaxseed to fill it so I can finish it up. I opted for flax seed as it holds heat longer than grain and will not give off a cooked grain odor after multiple uses.
Be good to yourself and enjoy life!


While at Hobby Lobby this weekend I picked up 2 yards of this fleece. My Love had requested a blanket. Easy. Sure. I got this.
This is now day 2 of the blanket project.
Let’s recap
Day 1: upper thread brakes twice, lower thread brakes once, stitching gets wonky, wonky stitches removed, stitches go wonky (again), stitches removed (again).
Day 2: rethreading machine, start with new needle, realize the problem is the selected stitch, change stitches (I will fix it so no one will tell), realize I can not hide the stitches and be happy with how it looks, cut off all sewing that took place thus far. So now I have slightly under 2 yards of fabric and will start again tomorrow.
Despite all this I am enjoying myself.

Update: I am sad to say that Ben passed away a few days ago.
This little boy and his family live in my community. This is such a heart breaking story. The only thing that can be done is to let this family knows that we support them. Locally people are going Blue for Ben. As sad and heart wrenching as this may be I needed to share with you.

I used one pant leg and part of the bottom hem off the other leg to make this bag.


This is where the bag now lives. Inside are all the plastic bags that seemed to take over this closet…you know the ones from the grocery store, Target and Wal-Mart. I am so proud of this great idea that came to me!!


Pretty impressed with my alterations so far


Had an oops with the scissors near the right hand pocket…cut where I wasn’t suppose to.


Just need to finish the bottom….someone does not feel like trying them on again. I  am considering just finishing and if it’s not right oh well….he should have tried them on.

I ended up removing 1 inch from the width of the legs. Taking the inch off on three outside seam. The waist remained untouched as it fits him fine there…just appeared to be way too much fabric in the leg.
UPDATE: My Love tried them on and said they feel weird…..well now I have some denim in my fabric stash….hmm maybe I should look into denim upcycling ideas!

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