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Baby Blanket

Posted on: 2014/03/05

I had commissioned someone to make a wooden night light. This was to be a baby shower gift for my best friend daughter. Unfortunate for me there is a delay. The shower is this weekend and now I am in a pinch for a gift.
My Love opened my fabric stash drawer and handed me a fabric and said make a baby blanket. It is a white flannel fabric with little airplanes on it. It can’t be that hard right!?!
I love that he helped when I froze on what to do.  So my game plan is to wash the fabric tonight after work, cut it and at least pin it up. I  am really hoping to get  it sewn as well. Big plans…seeing I do not get home until almost 6 pm and have dinner to contend with. Ugh….stressful as I need to have the blanket done by Friday night as the baby shower is about an 1 1/2 hours away… so there is no time to work on it Saturday. This is stress is so what I  was trying to avoid.  I was also thinking of getting a little gift for the Mom to Be (bracelet, necklace, etc). Oh good hope I am making the right decision.

*The night light might not be  done in tim for junior’s arrival..however I will be giving her the night light regardless!!

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