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Comfort Pillows

Posted on: 2014/03/23


I was on Fiskars website the other night and came across instructions for making a comfort pillow. It seemed simple enough so I figured why not. Boy was I wrong…every thing was great until I went to sew it after filling with flax seed. The dang fabric would not move. So I ended up finishing this one with a couple of rows of stitches and a pair of pinking shears.


I made a second one. As you can see this one I finished a bit differently.

I made these as I was looking for a gift for someone and thought this would be perfect her being a runner.  I feel that the second one is not full enough ( I ran out of flax seed) So I will keep it for myself. It seems to appears to be the perfect size to use for alleviating both menstrual cramps and the neck pain I get plagued with!

3 Responses to "Comfort Pillows"

I wonder if this would work with a removable cover so it could be washed?

Your right…as I filled them with flax seed they can not be washed..I will be making at last one more so I will have both a hot pack and a freezer pack. I will attempt a removable cover and post about it

I’ll be watching! I may try another one myself (I’ve made a few of these over the years). I even bought some of those beads that you get wet for a cool pack, but haven’t used them yet.

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