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So last night I decided to take a break from my electronics (ie: phone, kindle and lap top) due to the recent flare of a chronic condition. I was reading a book when the idea for a baby mat came to me. So off I was measuring and cutting. Stubborn me because cutting should have been a No No as well. At the end of  the night I had cut 2 pieces of fabric and a piece of batting. Today after work I pinned the three layers and sewed them on 3 sides. On the 4th side I left an open to reverse it. I did a top stitch around the entire thing. I wash and dried it to see….the batting bunches in the middle but flattens with smoothing. Seems quite possible that I missed sewing the batting when I was closing it up. Needless to say it is not up to my standards so I am hesitant to post a picture. I can’t be too unhappy as I am gifting  it to a co worker who is expecting in April. I shall try this again after going back to the creativity board.

*I suffer from Chronic Neck Pain due to a car accident and also have an ankle issue that causes severe pain from time to time. I think I am having a flare up due to the Wolf Blanket (an hour of continuous sewing…my foot was not happy with the vibration). I try not to let it stop me though.

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