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So I had decided that every day in the month of March I would take a picture. It was 3.4.14 when I realized I had yet to do this. So I decided I would start today….well yesterday I was at a baby shower and soon learned there was no juice left in my camera batteries. Figures right…lol Guess this endeavor needs to wait a bit longer. Although I did take a picture of a mini pine tree I planted in 2012…I put it on my instagram.
Today I finally made progress on the Jean alterations for My Love….now if he would stop working on his hobby for a few moments to try on the jeans they may actually be completed today.  It is not the best alterations but I am pretty proud seeing I have no clue what I am doing and just went with it. As My Love says “So what…they are only for work. I give you credit for even attempting to fix them”. Awww isn’t he sweet.
Next up: A cute little purse for me and a blanket for him!!!


This is the fabric that My Love handed me and said make a baby blanket. What a perfect pattern for a baby boy…I discovered that 99.999% of my stash is girl fabric.


So how does one layout a baby blanket for photographing?


Or this is an option too.


Just can’t stop sharing the pictures…could be because this is the 1st blanket I have ever made. Maybe it’s because I was able to complete this start to finish in just over 2 hours!!!


So I ended up doing two different stitches…well because I need to cover a goof I made in the beginning. I think it makes it look unique.

So now I can breath that this is done. Until after work when I need to go find a locket to go with this blanket…so stress!!

My 1st Attempt at a Blanket!

I had commissioned someone to make a wooden night light. This was to be a baby shower gift for my best friend daughter. Unfortunate for me there is a delay. The shower is this weekend and now I am in a pinch for a gift.
My Love opened my fabric stash drawer and handed me a fabric and said make a baby blanket. It is a white flannel fabric with little airplanes on it. It can’t be that hard right!?!
I love that he helped when I froze on what to do.  So my game plan is to wash the fabric tonight after work, cut it and at least pin it up. I  am really hoping to get  it sewn as well. Big plans…seeing I do not get home until almost 6 pm and have dinner to contend with. Ugh….stressful as I need to have the blanket done by Friday night as the baby shower is about an 1 1/2 hours away… so there is no time to work on it Saturday. This is stress is so what I  was trying to avoid.  I was also thinking of getting a little gift for the Mom to Be (bracelet, necklace, etc). Oh good hope I am making the right decision.

*The night light might not be  done in tim for junior’s arrival..however I will be giving her the night light regardless!!

Ta Da....The big reveal

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I decided to have some fun with my stitching

Work Tote Completed

I am so thrilled with the final bag I made. I initially had no closure for the bag. Due to its size 18×18 I felt it needed some way to close so….off I went to make a flap closure

I finally caught the cold that has been plaguing my community. This happened last Thursday. By Friday night I was miserable…it totally hit me like a brick wall. With so many plans for the weekend I tried numerous remedies. Tea,  Sudafed and Afrin gave absolutely zero relieve. I increased my water intake as I was feeling dehydrated…this helped a bit. The cinnamon honey remedy helped minimally. I finally located local raw honey and have been taking 2-3 teaspoons a day. I feel this has helped the most. My sense of taste and sense of smell are hit and miss. I heard/felt my stomach growl so coffee in hand I headed to the kitchen.
What to make? Banana Pancakes….2 ingredient pancakes. Truth be told I NEVER make pancakes (this is My Love’s  fortay). The only reason these popped in my head is that a co worker told me how her family likes them. So that settled that and off I went. These where very easily made. They were ok. I did not add the baking powder as many reviews suggested. I would definitely put the bp in next time because they kind tasted like banana eggs.
I took a PTO day today to get the rest  ( lol ) I need to continue to get better. In my efforts to rest I have put corned beef in the cockpot, have boneless chicken breast marinating, made a pot of Starbucks Breakfast Blend and turned on my iron to continue working on my current sewing project. I am so excited by what I am currently making I can barely contain my enthusiasm. I am hoping to complete the project today.
I also decided that for the month of March ever day I will take at least one picture of something. I will start posting these pictures every Wednesday!!!

What a great idea to have all these alternatives in one place. I have been considering making my own almond milk. See the one I like the best is $2.99 for a half gallon….will definitely be looking into this.

Prepare Every Needful Thing

Making Milk Substitutes


There are many reasons we may use milk substitutes.  We may have milk or lactose sensitivities, concerns over the cost, storage requirements or flavor of dried milk products, or maybe we just found ourselves in the middle of a recipe and discovered that we are out!  Following are five recipes that can help.


1 ½ cups cooked rice                          ¼ teaspoon salt (to taste)

3 cups hot water                                  2 Tbsps mild-flavored oil

3 Tablespoons sugar or honey          3 cups cold water

1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

Place rice, hot water, sweetener, optional vanilla and salt into blender.  Blend at highest speed for 5 minutes.  While blender is running, pour in oil and blend another 2 minutes, then add cold water and blend a final 5 minutes.  Pour through a sieve into a pitcher and chill before using.


2 cups raw, unsalted almonds          …

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