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I am a Rag to the core! This is a band from Buffalo, New York. A MUST listen!!!!

alicia michele greco

WHISKEY REVERB (from left: Jim Candytree, Mike Cassidy, AJ Amherst, Megan Brown, Scotty Harrington, Tony Bales, Wade Benford) WHISKEY REVERB (from left: Jim Candytree, Mike Cassidy, AJ Amherst, Megan Brown, Scotty Harrington, Tony Bales, Wade Benford)

The neon signs of the Tudor Lounge shone through a smoky haze as cars hummed and buzzed down Franklin Street in the city of Buffalo. Scott Harrington and Tony Balestrieri were formerly residents of Hamburg. Now, they are two members of the seven-piece band Whiskey Reverb, which won this year’s Artvoice award for best original music act.

Harrington, a graduate of Frontier High School, resides in the Allentown district of Buffalo and plays drums for the band. Now a resident of Tonawanda, Balestrieri (who uses the stage moniker “Bales”) is the bassist.

The two were neighborhood friends.

“Scott was playing with some kids from the neighborhood, mostly just to help them out because they were just trying to get it figured out and stuff like that. He said he would come down…

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As many of you may know Heather Wardell is my favorite author. Well this week she released her newest book. This is her 15th!!! I am excited for this as it is a follow up to her book All At Sea! I recommend that you read this author. She is a great author and the stories will touch you in some way or another.

Here is a link to her website…note that she has a free ebook:

Today I received my order from I already know there will be more purchases in the future.


I picked up this fabulous yarn earlier this week at Wal Mart. The colors caught my eye. I was immediately drawn to it. Upon arriving home I noticed that my project bag is composed of similar colors. This bag you may remember was made from the leftover Batik from the Car CD Holder I made for My Love.


So what to make…oooo how about those fingerless mittens. I thought that was a great idea until I realized I really wanted a scarf with these colors. Final decision was a scarf with matching mittens. I am truly enjoying crocheting!!!
Enjoy the beautiful weekend that is ahead of you!!!


I had decided to make a headband as my first project. Sounds easy enough right….well I discovered I was using the wrong size hook and misplaced the pattern. I tried on the headband to discover it was too wide for my liking. A co worker suggested a scarf. So that is how my headband because a scarf. This took 1 skein to complete. I LOVE  it wonky parts and all!

I am still working on the headband I have been wanting to make. I have started and restarted numerous times. I am happier with the new yarn color I chose.


Today I looked at it and am beginning to think it is too wide for a headband. Wondering if I should just makes it into a scarf. So what do you think?

Last night I added a new page to my blog. Why don’t you go check it out!

As you may know I have been teaching myself to crochet. It has been going fairly well. I have learned from my mistakes. I no longer crochet everything in a circle. I am now able to do rows. Today I learned the importance of counting stitches. It’s there a such item as a stitch counter to help me keep track?

Last night I attended my first knitting and crocheting Meetup. It was a fun time. It was a designated learning night. That was a big reason I went but….sadly for me everyone else In attendance was a knitter. The ladies in attendance seemed surprised in what I had learned in a week. In fact a couple ladies thought I had been doing it for some time as I looked like I knew what I was doing. I confessed I was feeling like I knew what I was doing….lol. I will definitely attend this Meetup again. The time and location for perfectly into my life and I love that they meet weekly.
I actually had a total of 6 rows done on the fingerless mittens until…..It was brought to my attention that I was skipping the last stitch in some of the rows so I will begin again this evening. I am okay with that too as I am still learning.
Hoping to post a picture again soon.

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