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Crochet Progress

I started working on my hdc. This project is using both hdc and sc

7.5.14 Update: I frogged this last night. It was a practice piece and the more I looked at it and worked on it the more I realize I do not like hdc at this time. I have moved on to another stitch.


Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Here is the scarf that i made myself. I deemed it my birthday present to myself as I completed 2 days before my birthday!

On Sunday I started Fingerless Mitten #2. I completed it at my crochet group on Wednesday. I made some modification to it. I noted that #1 was much longer and wider than I liked.. Now I am considering making Fingerless Mitten #3 as I did #2 and finding another use for #1. A couple ideas  I have been given for #1 is turn it into a puppet or a headband. As has become typical for me only time will tell what it becomes. 



At my group this week I was taught how to do a hdc, dc, and tc. I have decided to focus for the next little while on hdc. I will work on it for the next few days and have decided that the project for that stitch will be a scarf. Anyone noticing a pattern when i learn a new stitch. And to think 6 months ago I was not a scarf person!




Paisley Scarf Becomes Paisley Bag

Recently it came to my attention that I have yet to make something for my best friend. I have made numerous things for some of her children.

So I decided to make a scarf out of some fabric I had purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby awhile back. Only to discover I hated it as a scarf. What to do with a 42 inch tube of fabric.

In under an hour I created this bag! I intend to use it as my crochet project bag.

As you know I am taking a writing for the web class. It has brought to my attention some changes I need to make on my blog. I will be playing around with it for about the next week or so.

Fingerless Mittens

I have finished one of the mittens. I think it is a bit too long. Seeing I followed a pattern very loosely I think it is fabulous! I can not believe how quickly I had completed this. I had done 2 rows on 6.17…worked on it all day 6.18 and finished it in under an hour today

My Birthday Cake

My Love baked me a cake. It was Devil’s Food with cream Cheese Frosting! This is the first time he has EVER baked in the 21 years we have been together
I am so proud of this finished scarf. I completed it while at the park this afternoon. My new phone does not let me upload photos to WordPress that is why there is a link to Instagram!!!!  Next up fingerless mittens in the same yarn!

Today is the beginning of my Birthday Week! My Love and I’ll be heading to a local park for some fun in the sun! Tuesday is my actual birthday. I do not know where the time has gone as next year I will be 45!!!! We are planning a day trip to Niagara Falls Ontario for this celebratory day. On Wednesday my best friend and I are heading to a local Cupcakery. This is such a cute shop. Will be enjoying cupcakes and tea. I am looking forward to catching up with her and getting in some quality crochet time. The owner of the shop mentioned that her mother knits here as well. She said she wouldn’t mind if we did as well. On Friday is My Love’s Birthday so that means more fun in store!

I will post pictures of the week as soon as I can!

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