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Blog Changes

Posted on: 2014/06/21

As you know I am taking a writing for the web class. It has brought to my attention some changes I need to make on my blog. I will be playing around with it for about the next week or so.

2 Responses to "Blog Changes"

Hi Marie
I’m one of your fellow classmates in the Writing for the Web course. I like your blog. It’s soft on the eye and reads fluidly. It also gives a clear indication of your personal brand and personality. All in all a pleasant experience. I have moved continents recently and it’s been suggested that I start a blog to capture my unique experiences in the first year. How do I get started? Any advice would be appreciated.
Kind regards in blogging

Thank you Ronel for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your feedback. Last year when I decided to start my blog I came across and that is why my blog is here. It was very easy to setup.I have a free account and that seems to be working for me….for now. Here is a link that you may find helpful : . There are other sites such as Blogger and TypePad .
I do recommend blogging. It is fun. When I first started I thought who would care about what I am doing. Well almost 1 year later and come to find out 104 people are interested. I wish you the best of luck. If you do start a blog please let me know so that I can become a follower.

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