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I have really become very lax in blogging the past 6 months or so. I feel terrible about this. I really want to be a “blogger” but my life has been full. I am struggling with the decision on to stop my blog or not. I will continue to think on this as I do not want to make a hasty decision. Perhaps I will only blog monthly. I am looking forward to any feedback you may have for me.

I received notification that this blog has received 100 likes!!!!! I started this blog not thinking that many would be interested in what I have to say. I was wrong…..I guess! Here is to the future and what and where it takes me only time will tell!!!

I just want to thank you for being interested in what I am doing and taking the time to stop by.


What is needed to do Water Color Nails

Water Color Nails Take 2

Water Color Nails Take 2

DSCN0361Cell Phone Sleeping Bag…formerly known as Cell Phone Holder


Cell Phone Sleeping Bag


Cell Phone Holder materials


Whipped Frosting Mix by Wilton


Tie Dye Cake

The cake is chilling in the fridge. Ended up doing a two layer cake with Wilton Whipped Frosting. I planned on piping on a design in Orange…but do to having to walk away from it (important phone call) the frosting started losing volume. Kinda disappointed in that.
The cellphone holder is not at all what I expected. I wanted something that was padded front and back. This is only padded in the front. About to start the finally hand stitching.
As for Water Color Nails…I am planning on doing that this evening….dinner needs to be made first. I will be doing a darker blue and an orange. So exciting!!!
Once I have finished my nails I will post pictures of everything. Hoping to get the pictures up tonite….if not then tomorrow at the latest.

How awesome I have followers already and am still clueless. Guess I will have to spend some quality time learning about blogging now that I have an audience.

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