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I restrained myself! Only purchased 8 yards of new fabric. Also picked up heavy needles, heavy thread, labels and three new glass jars that will be perfect for displaying my loose tea










In-addition to what you see here I also received a 12 week subscription to US Magazine

Today I decided to make the Infinity Scarf for my nephew’s fiancee that I have been putting off. I have been putting it off as I am not a huge fan of working with the Jersey Init. This time it went better. Maybe because it’s for a family member and I was making it out of love. It is almost completed. I just have to do the hand stitching. I started it but decided to put it aside until tomorrow. Apparently it is not wise to hand stitch with black thread on grey and black fabric when one is wearing black….lesson learned. 
I also spent some time working on organizing my recipes. I have taken the recipes that I have been making over the years and the recipes from Pinterest that I love and put them on my laptop. That was the easy part. Now to add the recipes that are scattered around my house. Eventually I will be turning this into an actual bound cookbook. I am so excited about this. I was able to locate a local book binder that is helping me with this project.
My Love is making his amazing bbq chicken tonight for dinner. This got me to thinking that I simply must have cornbread to go with it… of to the kitchen I went. It smells delicious in here. A few weeks ago I made cornbread but learned I prefer it sweet so I tried a new recipe today. Hoping I like this one much better!
I will also be working on altering a pair of jeans for My Love. See I bought them for him for Christmas and the silly man took the tags off and discarded the receipt so he was unable to return them. When he tried them on they where HUGE. I bought the size he told me but an certain they where mislabeled. A bit nervous about this project but we decided together that worst case is that they will be up cycled into  something else.
Hope your enjoying this Beautiful Saturday!!!!


I have been working on makingĀ  an Infinity Scarf. Or so I thought. Last night I modeled it for My Love…he gave rave reviews. I liked the softness of the fabric against my skin. Upon looking in the mirror I almost wanted to make one for myself….but I am not a scarf wearing woman.
However, this morning it occurred to me that a infinity scarf should be a round loop. Hmmmm mine was not. So off to the bookmarked pattern and a you tube video. After undoing ALL of last night’s work I once again began making an Infinity Scarf.
I get to the last step when I hear the following dreaded words: Hand sew the opening…my hand sewing looks worse than a 5 year olds. So I rip all the work I had done and head to my machine.Yes the stitches are visible but who cares (I keep repeating these last three words to myself in hopes that I start to believe them). I showed it to a friend and she says so what….who’s going to notice.
This is a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker. I guess I am just nervous about whether she will like it or not. People like handmade things right? Should I just have bought her one? Well she like the fabric I chose? Why am I making myself anxious about this? Ugh Thursday can not come quick enough (that is when we exchange).

Enjoy what today brings you!

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