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I recently have been on a Pumpkin kick. One day last week I was on Pintetest and thought what about Pumpkin Pie Roasted Chickpeas!!! Next think I know I have a reciepe and head into the kitchen. I did not follow the recipe exactly and new what I wanted. I have posted both the original recipe and what I did so you can choose one or both to make. If you make them drop a comment and let me know what you thought. I LOVE these it so reminds me of pumpkin pie crust.

I came across the recipe via this Pin:


Not sure if the pin will be view-able by all so I am including the recipe:

 1 Tbsp EVOO

1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

3/4 – 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

2 Tbsp Agave nectar 

15 oz can chickpeas

  1 Tbsp EVOO 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 3/4 – 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice 2 Tbsp Agave nectar Mix in bowl. Toss washed, dry chickpeas. Spread on pan and bake for 40-60min at 375!

***This is what I did 

I preheated my oven to 350 degrees. I lined my pan with parchment paper (this saves on  clean up time later). After opening the chickpeas I drained them and rinsed them off. I then dumped them onto a kitchen towel into one layer. I topped it with another kitchen towel and dried the beans off (this cuts down on roasting time so I take my time drying them) I mixed the EVOO (I used Wegman’s) , Apple Cider Vinegar  ( I used Trader Joe’s Organic),  Orange Blossom Honey (I did not have Agave in the house… I learned honey can be substituted just use less -I used 1 T) Pumpkin Pie Spice ( I used 1 t of Trader Joe’s) until well mixed using  a whisk. I then added the chickpeas (Goya Brand) and mixed with a spoonula. I spread them out into one layer on the parchment lined pan. I checked them every 10 minutes or so. Shaking the pan and mixing them up on the pan with a spoonula. This is like flipping them over. You want to keep in mind once they cool them crisp up more. Keep roasting until they are not soft inside. Sometimes mine are done in 40 minutes and there have been times it has taken more than an hour. I store them in an airtight container. 

Enjoy what the rest of the day brings you. I am off to see Temperance and Seeley get married on Bones!

I received notification that this blog has received 100 likes!!!!! I started this blog not thinking that many would be interested in what I have to say. I was wrong…..I guess! Here is to the future and what and where it takes me only time will tell!!!

I just want to thank you for being interested in what I am doing and taking the time to stop by.

I made pumpkin pie roasted chickpeas this week and will post the recipe in the next day or so. I really enjoyed them. They remind me of pumpkin crust! Had a few people I know try them and they were liked 🙂

Fall has found a way into my heart! Summer has always been my favorite season. All of a sudden last night I started thinking how fall is so pretty and that I want some fall themed items for my living room and wouldn’t it be nice to make bake something pumpkin. This afternoon I have made a pan of pumpkin bars. No they are not from scratch…it is a box mix I picked up at Trader Joe’s last night.  I figured well the oven is on I mind as well make a batch of roasted chickpeas.  So I looked in the cupboard then quick searched Pinterest. I found what I was looking for and just finished them…Pumpkin Pie Roasted ChickPeas. Looking forward to them cooling as there is an ingredient in them that makes me curious as to how it will play in the flavor. Only time will tell. Currently I have a pot of  Chicken Rice Soup simmering  even though it is 78 degrees right now. When the cooking/baking bug hits me weather is irrelevant.  I had planned on doing some sewing today but that has yet to happen. Just having fun and enjoying this beautiful Saturday,  Hope you are too!

I am falling in love with Fall! I am in total pumpkin mode. I am totally addicted to Pumpkin Brewed Coffee from Starbucks, Last night I went to the opening of Trader Joe’s and purchased: Pumpkin Bar Mix, Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix, Raw Pumpkin seeds (I do not like the roasted and salted ones) and these cute pumpkins!


Pumpkin Tree Bunches

Yesterday I went into the city (Buffalo, NY) with a friend. We went to Seabar for sushi. I had  Sushami, Miso, Sesame Noodles and Jasmine Tea. All of which I never had before. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. The Sushami was like butter melting on my tongue (I even ate it with chopsticks). The flavors in the Miso where like none I have ever experienced. I must get back here again….at the least for the Miso.  Took a moment to adjust to the noodles as they are served cold. I liked them though. As for the Tea….I will have to try it another day as I was very congested and could not taste it 😦 

Next on our adventure was to get a cup of coffee…question is where. We decided on Spot Coffee which we are both big fans of. Problem came in when I noticed right across the street was Starbucks! For me it was no choice as I recently became addicted to Starbucks Pumpkin Brewed Coffee. Coffee in hand we head to the Central Library.

I LOVE the Central Library. They have a Mark Twain Room where you get this close to some of his possessions. There is a rotating collection of artwork here as well. I also that the Rare Book Room that an exhibit on the science behind books. It is always fascinating to see. This was truly a great moment for me as my friend had never been to this library before. It was so much fun seeing it through her eyes. Of course we found our way to the crafting section. I walked away with two books….One being Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I am in awe of the knowledge that is contained in the first few pages of the book. I knew that I would have to own this…soon. So this morning I located it for a very reasonable price on Etsy..the shop owner is reserving it for me. How LUCKY could I get! 

Just wanted to give you a glimpse into the Wonderful Adventure I had!


It has finally happened that I am able to make it to a local Free- Sew. It happens tomorrow afternoon and I am excited. Totally not prepared….lol. About an hour ago I decided to change what I was going to be sewing tomorrow. I just love when I change my mind at the last moment 🙂  I will be working on Table Runners and Place mats. No biggie just means I have to cut the fabric and interfacing, prep the bobbins and pack the necessary notions. Thank goodness I have a checklist to refer to.

I will have to prepare in the morning as I am content sitting here on the couch sipping a glass of wine!

After the Free Sew I am meet some co-workers for a Girls Dinner at a local restaurant for Buffalo Wing Soup! Update Dinner company was great!!! Food not good in my opinion. Customer service not good. No future plan to go back to this restaurant. Took them to long to seat us. Actually had to give my name and party size twice. Buffalo Wing Soup was justst okay. As for the meal I ordered I sent it back to the kitchen as the order was wrong. I was then corned by an employee…she wanted to know why I sent my food back. I explained again why. Adding that now I just am no longer interested in eating. Another person at my table also did not get her meal as she ordered it. As we where leaving I heard another customer mention that they served her something she did not order. Sadly disappointed in this dinner experience.

So tonite My Love and I went to a fundraiser entitled: Serving Up Success. It was a collection of local restaurants, wineries and breweries. It was a way to taste healthy options available. I was so thrilled to be given tickets to go to this from my place of employment. Especially with the fact that I have lost 40 pounds since January 2013. What totally surprised me was My Love asking if he could go with me. He is a typical meat and potatoes guy. He was a terrific sport. He found one that he liked so he kept eating until he was full. While I on the other hand attempted to try every place.  Out of 24 participating Restaurants, wineries and breweries I tried 17.

Here is a list of what I tried and links to those I feel were worthy:

I am off to relax for a few before heading to bed. Early start time at work tomorrow and it looks like it will be the type of morning when I will need all the energy I can get!

After I finished cleaning today I became rather productive:

Pillow Case

* Pillowcase

* Pillow
* Stethoscope Cover —tutorial coming soon
I must go check on the status of dinner (not ready yet). Sirloin Tip Roast, baby carrots, potatoes and mushrooms in a mushroom onion gravy~ reheating in the crock pot. This was to be yesterday’s dinner however I decided at the last moment to attend The 11th annual Music is Art Festival held in Buffalo, New York( My version of how to describe  Music is Art: On 8 stages 100 bands played. Food Trucks, Beer and Wine Tents, activists for the kids, Artist as far as the eye could see. Sadly, the henna tattoos cancelled at the last minute due to weather conditions…oh well guess I have to wait until next year.
Music is Art  was so much fun! Even though it had rained all day causing there to be mud puddles everywhere. I donned my boots and set out to go hear Whiskey Reverb(   play a 30 minute set.
This was to be my first meal from a Food Truck. Who would have know it was possible to get something so yummy. I ended up ordering at Amy’s Truck( I opted for the Falafel Sandwich. It was served wrapped in a Pita that was the best I ever had.  Over all it is what I refer to as Yummers. It was so large I was unable to eat the whole thing. Money well spent!
I think I have talked long enough….

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