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My Birthday Cake

My Love baked me a cake. It was Devil’s Food with cream Cheese Frosting! This is the first time he has EVER baked in the 21 years we have been together

Made a run to Joann’s for a couple yards of muslin, a flower cookie cutter and some pink fabric. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home…for a Trenta Orange Spiced Iced Coffee. Anyone available in a bit to scrap me off the ceiling as I already have had a large coffee and a Grande Iced Skinny Vanilla Macchiato but one  needs fuel for cookie baking and sewing today.

I am making this cookie recipe[e I came across yesterday:   Seriously a sugar cookie that does not require refrigeration. I am totally there. I will also be working on making another Comfort Pillow this time making some alterations to the original directions. I will also be adding some lavender to it. This is for my niece Anna. I think every girl/woman needs one of these for that time of the month. sewing, menses,

Sunny and Blue Sky here…enjoy your SUNday!

I finished the infinity scarf first thing this morning. I started working on My Love’s jeans and just took a pan of these out of  the oven! Hope your making the most of today!


PB Bars

Today I decided to make the Infinity Scarf for my nephew’s fiancee that I have been putting off. I have been putting it off as I am not a huge fan of working with the Jersey Init. This time it went better. Maybe because it’s for a family member and I was making it out of love. It is almost completed. I just have to do the hand stitching. I started it but decided to put it aside until tomorrow. Apparently it is not wise to hand stitch with black thread on grey and black fabric when one is wearing black….lesson learned. 
I also spent some time working on organizing my recipes. I have taken the recipes that I have been making over the years and the recipes from Pinterest that I love and put them on my laptop. That was the easy part. Now to add the recipes that are scattered around my house. Eventually I will be turning this into an actual bound cookbook. I am so excited about this. I was able to locate a local book binder that is helping me with this project.
My Love is making his amazing bbq chicken tonight for dinner. This got me to thinking that I simply must have cornbread to go with it… of to the kitchen I went. It smells delicious in here. A few weeks ago I made cornbread but learned I prefer it sweet so I tried a new recipe today. Hoping I like this one much better!
I will also be working on altering a pair of jeans for My Love. See I bought them for him for Christmas and the silly man took the tags off and discarded the receipt so he was unable to return them. When he tried them on they where HUGE. I bought the size he told me but an certain they where mislabeled. A bit nervous about this project but we decided together that worst case is that they will be up cycled into  something else.
Hope your enjoying this Beautiful Saturday!!!!


Fall has found a way into my heart! Summer has always been my favorite season. All of a sudden last night I started thinking how fall is so pretty and that I want some fall themed items for my living room and wouldn’t it be nice to make bake something pumpkin. This afternoon I have made a pan of pumpkin bars. No they are not from scratch…it is a box mix I picked up at Trader Joe’s last night.  I figured well the oven is on I mind as well make a batch of roasted chickpeas.  So I looked in the cupboard then quick searched Pinterest. I found what I was looking for and just finished them…Pumpkin Pie Roasted ChickPeas. Looking forward to them cooling as there is an ingredient in them that makes me curious as to how it will play in the flavor. Only time will tell. Currently I have a pot of  Chicken Rice Soup simmering  even though it is 78 degrees right now. When the cooking/baking bug hits me weather is irrelevant.  I had planned on doing some sewing today but that has yet to happen. Just having fun and enjoying this beautiful Saturday,  Hope you are too!

So while I was grocery shopping today I had the overwhelming urge to Bake something. I found myself remembering a cookie recipe I pinned. So I quick look up the ingredients and purchase what I needed.
Once the groceries where put away I begin making cookies. The smell of graham crackers, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar are now permeating my home! One tray of cookies is already cooling and the other tray is in the oven. The recipe said 3 dozen and I actually got 3 dozen ( I never seen to get the same amount that the recipe says).
So do you want to know what kind of cookie I made…………………..I made S’mores Cookies! Mine do not look like the picture that accompanied the recipe. That’s okay as how they taste is more important in this house.


The cake is chilling in the fridge. Ended up doing a two layer cake with Wilton Whipped Frosting. I planned on piping on a design in Orange…but do to having to walk away from it (important phone call) the frosting started losing volume. Kinda disappointed in that.
The cellphone holder is not at all what I expected. I wanted something that was padded front and back. This is only padded in the front. About to start the finally hand stitching.
As for Water Color Nails…I am planning on doing that this evening….dinner needs to be made first. I will be doing a darker blue and an orange. So exciting!!!
Once I have finished my nails I will post pictures of everything. Hoping to get the pictures up tonite….if not then tomorrow at the latest.

I was inspired when I saw a pattern for a cell phone holder (I removed the link as it was a terrible project…I will be creating my own)

So I will be making one for My Love today. In addition to Water Coloring my nails..again! I plan on also making a Tie Dye Cake. Hoping there is enough time in today to get this all done!

I have been a busy lady today. In-addition to what I wanted to do today  I also have started prepping dinner and some cleaning has been done. Wish we had a maid then I could devote that time to sewing, baking, cooking and exploring my creativity.

Looking at the time I see that I have a few more hours before My Love gets home from work. Hoping to hand stitch the final portion of the cell phone holder, do my nails and also make frosting for the cakes. And this was to be a relaxing day for me before heading back to work.

Side Note: Earlier today someone in my life asked if I would like a Serger. Of course I said YES. She purchased it years ago and had not gotten around to even opening the box…this is the wonderful person who has been generously giving me fabric.  What a glorious day it is in my world!

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