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Rail Station

Just this past Friday I decided I needed quality me time. So I headed to the Elmwood Village and Canalside in Buffalo, NY.
My 1st stop was at Ashker’s (
Upbeet I tried their Upbeet (Beet, Apple, Carrot and Celery)and an Egg White Vegetable Omelet. I highly recommend both!!
2nd Stop was Caffe Aroma where I deviated form my usual Iced Coffee or Macchiato. Instead I went for the Cappuccino and am not sorry for the decision. This cappuccino was spot on and I informed the barista as such!
3rd Stop was Karma Salon on a spur of the moment I decided I needed a haircut. I Yelped on my phone and Ta Da:

My super cute short summer do!

My super cute short summer do!

4th Stop was Everything Elmwood ( It was here that I purchased these cute notebooks and a couple of cards (that since have been mailed…oops forgot to take pictures)

Years ago I use to write poetry. I have been missing it of late. Thinking this is the perfect motivation to start again.

Years ago I use to write poetry. I have been missing it of late. Thinking this is the perfect motivation to start again.

5th stop was a spice store. I ended up with a Salt Free all purpose seasoning, Cilantro, Hungarian Paprika and Orange Peel (thinking that the latter will make a fabulous Orange infused simple syrup for Iced Coffee).
6th Stop was Lexington Coop ( I figured can not go Canalside with out something to drink and a snack. Plus it is always a fun shopping experience. Wish we had other Coop’s locally.
7th Stop was Pearl Street Grill ( I noticed the time and thought hmmm not too early for a Iced Cold Beer. I actually allowed the waiter to decide for me. All I told him was that I did not like IPA’s and was thinking something fruity. I ended up with a BlueEyed Blueberry Blonde. I enjoyed it though not something I will go out of my way for. I also had the Wild Mushroom flatbread. I was not sure what to expect but was just thrilled it contained marinaded mushrooms. It was Yummers!!
8th Stop was Canalside ( They offer something for everyone. From activities for children to concerts and an Artist Market.
9th Stop was Talking Leaves Bookstore ( I picked up a book of poetry and a book by an author that is new to me.

Literature is one of my passions

Literature is one of my passions

Final stop was back to at Ashker’s. I picked up their Hummus & Garden Veggie Wrap. This was delicious. It was so big that I had half for dinner and finished the other half the next day (everything was still crisp). Oh and not to mention 2 more Upbeets! Apparently I have developed an Upbeet problem…lol
Well I see this is my longest post yet! Hope you enjoyed.

A Dream Come True

Me & Heather Wardell. This is a picture that was taken last night at a local Starbucks! I can’t believe after all these years I finally met her. I will be doing a post soon on this fun filled evening.
Not my favorite picture of me but people it is HEATHER WARDELL standing next to me!

Tonight I am preparing for my Free Sew tomorrow. I decided to make a mug rug after seeing this tutorial: I have made the hexagon template, cut the 18 strips of fabric, cut the hexagon fabric piece and starting gathering the necessary notions.  Looking forward to starting this new project.

I will be stopping for my new addiction: Pumpkin Brewed Coffee from Starbucks prior to arriving at the library that it is held at. It tickles me that I can bring coffee into the library and it is okay. As for the Starbucks….I am apparently in the midst of Good Starbucks Karma. Last Saturday I was credited $10 by Starbucks due to a mix up by the Barista and then on Tuesday a co-worker gave me a $5 gift card. It feels good to be me. I also became aware that they now have a Hazelnut Macchiato.  Now that I am thinking about it maybe I will get an Iced Skinny Upside Down Hazelnut Macchiato as I would hate for my Pumpkin Brewed Coffee to get cold or worse I finish it before the Free Sew ends. Decisons Decisions!!!


Update: I went with the Iced Skinny Upside Down Hazelnut Macchiato. At first I was sad as they made me it a Carmel Macchiato so I had to return to Starbucks…they made the correct drink and gave me a voucher for a free drink. I was not very impressed with the Hazelnut 😦 Oh well at least I can say I tried something new.  Enjoyed the Free Sew today. Will post picture once I have completed it! 

Yesterday I went into the city (Buffalo, NY) with a friend. We went to Seabar for sushi. I had  Sushami, Miso, Sesame Noodles and Jasmine Tea. All of which I never had before. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. The Sushami was like butter melting on my tongue (I even ate it with chopsticks). The flavors in the Miso where like none I have ever experienced. I must get back here again….at the least for the Miso.  Took a moment to adjust to the noodles as they are served cold. I liked them though. As for the Tea….I will have to try it another day as I was very congested and could not taste it 😦 

Next on our adventure was to get a cup of coffee…question is where. We decided on Spot Coffee which we are both big fans of. Problem came in when I noticed right across the street was Starbucks! For me it was no choice as I recently became addicted to Starbucks Pumpkin Brewed Coffee. Coffee in hand we head to the Central Library.

I LOVE the Central Library. They have a Mark Twain Room where you get this close to some of his possessions. There is a rotating collection of artwork here as well. I also that the Rare Book Room that an exhibit on the science behind books. It is always fascinating to see. This was truly a great moment for me as my friend had never been to this library before. It was so much fun seeing it through her eyes. Of course we found our way to the crafting section. I walked away with two books….One being Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I am in awe of the knowledge that is contained in the first few pages of the book. I knew that I would have to own this…soon. So this morning I located it for a very reasonable price on Etsy..the shop owner is reserving it for me. How LUCKY could I get! 

Just wanted to give you a glimpse into the Wonderful Adventure I had!


Marie Time

A friend recently came back from a trip to Seattle. She went to the 1st Starbucks Store. I was totally jealous!!!Then she presented me with these wonderful gifts from there.
Turns out that both the coffee and tumbler are exclusive to that location!!! Some days it is GREAT to be me!
I am curling up on my couch with my new pillow, a tumbler of coffee (not the coffee pictured) and my Kindle(currently reading Pink is a Four Letter Word!!!
Enjoy the small things in life!

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