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Made a run to Joann’s for a couple yards of muslin, a flower cookie cutter and some pink fabric. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home…for a Trenta Orange Spiced Iced Coffee. Anyone available in a bit to scrap me off the ceiling as I already have had a large coffee and a Grande Iced Skinny Vanilla Macchiato but one  needs fuel for cookie baking and sewing today.

I am making this cookie recipe[e I came across yesterday:   Seriously a sugar cookie that does not require refrigeration. I am totally there. I will also be working on making another Comfort Pillow this time making some alterations to the original directions. I will also be adding some lavender to it. This is for my niece Anna. I think every girl/woman needs one of these for that time of the month. sewing, menses,

Sunny and Blue Sky here…enjoy your SUNday!


I am currently creating in the kitchen. It is snowy, windy and cold today. Looking for some comfort food but want it to be healthy. I am experimenting with a corn and black bean salsa, chicken and brown rice. Will know in an hour if it is something that could be deemed eatable.

Just made an Iced Moroccan Mint Tea sweetened with Honey Beads. anxiously awaiting it to cool.

Update: My dinner last night turned out amazing. I followed Alton Brown’s Baked Brown Rice Recipe I LOVE this rice. As soon as My Love saw the final dish he asked me if I thought I was Chipotle. This made me laugh as I do love their rice bowls and I always get their brown rice , black beans and pork but this was a close 2nd. I will definitely  make this in the future. I would at a bit more of the salsa next time. I will post the recipe soon as I enjoyed it so much that I want to share.

Sunday Afternoon Pillow

I have been wanting to make a pillow for my couch. Something that would give me comfort when curled up reading my Kindle, flipping through a sewing magazine or perusing a cookbook. Something with a bit of style that would look nice on our brown couch. It totally came to fruition today.

* There was a few setbacks with The Tote bag Project— sewed not one but 2 side pockets closed, ran out of bobbin thread, bobbin thread snapped, thread did not want to wind onto bobbin, dropped an entire container of pins on the kitchen floor. I figured enough for the weekend…needed to comfort myself hence the pillow!!

Hope your all having a Beautiful Sunday!

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