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The cookies are a huge fail for me. The first batch never formed into a dough. I thought I followed directions closely. Noted that maybe I did not cream until fluffy enough. So in the 2nd batch I Really made them fluffy. Thought I may have added the flour too quickly. So the second time I added only 1/4 cup at a time. Dough seemed to come together a bit until I added last 1/4 cup flour. Went right back to coarse crumbs. Switched from my kitchen aid stand mixer to my breville hand. mixer using the dough hook. Added tablespoons of water noticing it coming together. I went back to the kitchen aid adding more tablespoons of water. Finally emptied bowl onto floured surface attempting hand kneading. Rolled out terribly…sticking to rolling pin and surface no matter how much flour used. Tried a semi cooled cookie and wow is it ever tough.
So discouraging when this happens….and seeing I was so preoccupied by the cookies I failed to notice the time and realized just now I have nothing planned for dinner. Shit.
So I have terrible cookies, no idea for dinner and a dirty kitchen. However the sun is still shining!!!

So while I was grocery shopping today I had the overwhelming urge to Bake something. I found myself remembering a cookie recipe I pinned. So I quick look up the ingredients and purchase what I needed.
Once the groceries where put away I begin making cookies. The smell of graham crackers, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar are now permeating my home! One tray of cookies is already cooling and the other tray is in the oven. The recipe said 3 dozen and I actually got 3 dozen ( I never seen to get the same amount that the recipe says).
So do you want to know what kind of cookie I made…………………..I made S’mores Cookies! Mine do not look like the picture that accompanied the recipe. That’s okay as how they taste is more important in this house.


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