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Fall has found a way into my heart! Summer has always been my favorite season. All of a sudden last night I started thinking how fall is so pretty and that I want some fall themed items for my living room and wouldn’t it be nice to make bake something pumpkin. This afternoon I have made a pan of pumpkin bars. No they are not from scratch…it is a box mix I picked up at Trader Joe’s last night.  I figured well the oven is on I mind as well make a batch of roasted chickpeas.  So I looked in the cupboard then quick searched Pinterest. I found what I was looking for and just finished them…Pumpkin Pie Roasted ChickPeas. Looking forward to them cooling as there is an ingredient in them that makes me curious as to how it will play in the flavor. Only time will tell. Currently I have a pot of  Chicken Rice Soup simmering  even though it is 78 degrees right now. When the cooking/baking bug hits me weather is irrelevant.  I had planned on doing some sewing today but that has yet to happen. Just having fun and enjoying this beautiful Saturday,  Hope you are too!

I am falling in love with Fall! I am in total pumpkin mode. I am totally addicted to Pumpkin Brewed Coffee from Starbucks, Last night I went to the opening of Trader Joe’s and purchased: Pumpkin Bar Mix, Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix, Raw Pumpkin seeds (I do not like the roasted and salted ones) and these cute pumpkins!


Pumpkin Tree Bunches

Cohocton, NY

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Colors of Fall 2013

Prattsbugh, NY

Road Trip

Fueling Up Before Hitting the Open Road. I discovered Pumpkin Brewed Coffee…think I am in love!


I just finished cutting out the pattern for the flowered tote in the above picture.


This is going to be the exterior of the Tote.


This is going to be the lining of the Tote.


This is going to be the contrast fabric I will use fort there straps. If all goes well in my world….I will begin work on this tomorrow night after my road trip!

Update….I decided I do not like the method of their handle so I am making them my way Anna’s changed my mind on the fabric fort the handles. Went with something outside my comfort zone. Well post a picture soon of the progress.

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