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Crochet Progress

I started working on my hdc. This project is using both hdc and sc

7.5.14 Update: I frogged this last night. It was a practice piece and the more I looked at it and worked on it the more I realize I do not like hdc at this time. I have moved on to another stitch.

Paisley Scarf Becomes Paisley Bag

Recently it came to my attention that I have yet to make something for my best friend. I have made numerous things for some of her children.

So I decided to make a scarf out of some fabric I had purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby awhile back. Only to discover I hated it as a scarf. What to do with a 42 inch tube of fabric.

In under an hour I created this bag! I intend to use it as my crochet project bag.


I had decided to make a headband as my first project. Sounds easy enough right….well I discovered I was using the wrong size hook and misplaced the pattern. I tried on the headband to discover it was too wide for my liking. A co worker suggested a scarf. So that is how my headband because a scarf. This took 1 skein to complete. I LOVE  it wonky parts and all!


I couldn’t resist when I saw this! Totally using this for my first project…possibly starting it tonight. All depends on what time I get home from Girls Dinner!

I decided moments ago on what my 1st project is to be. I am going to make a pair of hand warmers. I ran into this idea  by looking at Purl Bee’s website:

This week I taught myself how to do a foundation chain and how to single crochet. I have to admit I am pretty darn impressed with myself. I am planning on starting this project tonight. Now to go upstairs and see what kind of yarn I have in the house. 

So now that I am getting into crocheting I was wondering where you buy your yarn at. I have a JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby nearby. I was considering looking online but that could be a tad overwhelming so that is why I am asking.


While at Hobby Lobby this weekend I picked up 2 yards of this fleece. My Love had requested a blanket. Easy. Sure. I got this.
This is now day 2 of the blanket project.
Let’s recap
Day 1: upper thread brakes twice, lower thread brakes once, stitching gets wonky, wonky stitches removed, stitches go wonky (again), stitches removed (again).
Day 2: rethreading machine, start with new needle, realize the problem is the selected stitch, change stitches (I will fix it so no one will tell), realize I can not hide the stitches and be happy with how it looks, cut off all sewing that took place thus far. So now I have slightly under 2 yards of fabric and will start again tomorrow.
Despite all this I am enjoying myself.

I used one pant leg and part of the bottom hem off the other leg to make this bag.


This is where the bag now lives. Inside are all the plastic bags that seemed to take over this closet…you know the ones from the grocery store, Target and Wal-Mart. I am so proud of this great idea that came to me!!

Today I decided to make a pair of fleece lined mittens. I just finished sewing the first one to discover…..There is no way in the world anyone older than a year old could get their hands in the mitten…. Guess it is back to the beginning…. So thought I had this….dang it


I wanted to do a trial run on the piggy toy bag. This is the perfect size for me. Of the bags I have made this is by far my favorite. However too small for a toy bag. Back to the thinking board.


So I was in need of some thread and ended up with these items plus a Dritz Bobbin Box. I just love that it was under $16 for all this.  I am excited that I found the perfect size hoop. It is for a thread catcher I have been wanting to make.

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