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I realized yesterday when I was sewing the Wristlet Key Strap that something was amiss with my machine. So today I investigated. Learned a couple things in the process. Based on my investigation I realized there was a tension issue. Not just on the needle thread but also on the bobbin thread. I adjusted both and I am back in business. One important thing I learned is that my machine does not like it when I use 1 brand for the needle thread and another brand for the bobbin thread. Until now I did not realize that could make a difference. Live and Learn. 

Going to practice making fabric napkins tonight. How hard could they be?

Unfortunately, the next chance I will get after tonight to sew will be on Sunday. Hoping to start the Piggy Bag. Trying to at least get some of each gift project worked on this weekend. I really want to get to my sewing machine cover…sooner than later.

Enjoy what the rest of today brings you!


Now it is my sewing nook! Not so sad now!!!!

I recently joined a group that gets together bi-monthly for a Free Sew. I had no clue what that meant…until I did a bit of reading. We work on whatever project we are currently on or a project you need motivation to proceed with.
That sounded perfect for me…I started a project in November of 2012 and have been at a standstill. What a great opportunity for me to proceed (read: start…the only thing I have done up until this morning is pin everything together after cutting the pattern pieces out). Plus I also get to meet others that are interested in sewing.
I am hoping to post pictures of what I was able to accomplish today. See I have been very apprehensive of patterns and today I am hoping to overcome that. Enjoy what today brings you.
Update: I had to back out of today’s Free Sew due to an illness that hit me suddenly. Makes me so sad as I was looking forward to this for the last month 😦

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