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On July 16th I attended my first Buffalo Reading Invasion ( It was so much fun. I am looking forward to the next one. I just learned that it is scheduled for 8/3/14. I should be able to attend…yipee!



Reading Invasion


Reading in Nature


NAture at work

Blue Chair is mine

Get your read on

What I read

Community event

View from my spot

Library Box

Invasion ending






A picture of Heather with the Comfort Pillow I made her…she really liked it. 


So this past Sunday I met Heather Wardell at a local Starbucks. As I consider her my favorite author I jumped at this opportunity when she suggested it. How often does one get the opportunity to meet their favorite author and talk to them for nearly 3 hours? I would think not often. 

A little about Heather: 

“Heather is a natural 1200 wpm speed reader and the author of fourteen self-published novels including the free ebook “Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo” which has had over 375,000 downloads.

She came to writing after careers as a software developer and elementary school computer teacher and has no plans to leave it.

In her spare time, she reads, runs, swims, crochets, takes care of her aquarium and her cat Trinity, and plays drums and clarinet. Generally not all at once.” This information is taken from her website:

One of the reasons I love her is that she really talks with her readers. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter or email and she will respond to you. No one does this for her it is really her that your communicating with. 

For many years i avoided Women’s fiction as I thought it was all harlequin romance type stuff. Girl was I wrong there. See this author changed my thinking there is always depth and humor in her books. She covers a wide range of topics: Amnesia, Winning the Lottery, Marriage, Car Accident, Restaurants, Hockey, Art, Running, A Cruise, Pop Stardom, Teaching, Kuwait, Assault, Reality TV. Pretty much something for everyone. 

I am a member of her Street Team. Which basically means I am always trying to recruit new readers. So of course I would be esctatic of just one of my readers/followers checked her out. 

So we met and talked for hours. So much fun. We talked about books, movies, weight loss, tattoos, things we would like to do/ or have done in this lifetime. There was an incident (choking) that kept us laughing. No one was in danger of needing medical attention so it was all good. I walked away with some autographs. 


I took this book with me as she mentioned me in the acknowledgments. I hoped for an autograph and I was not be disappointed


It is truly okay that I like when she cries as this is something she does right before the book goes to the editor.


She also gave me this tote bag which she wrote a note to me on!  How exciting for me!

Days later I am still in awe of this experience.  Only think that would have added to this experience is if I had been happy with how I looked in the picture of the 2 of us…oh well. I really do photograph well I will get something on here soon to prove it. lol.

Tonight is the beginning of a busy weekend for me. I have errands to do tonite : ie grocery shopping and also in need of a new outfit for Sunday! Tomorrow is cleaning day and hoping to make a few more Comfort Pillows. Sunday early afternoon I have having my hair colored and highlighted. Sunday evening I am meeting with the Author Heather Wardell….btw if you do not already knows she is my FAVORITE author. This is so exciting as I get two hours with her at a local Starbucks. As far as I know it will be just the 2 of us!!!! Monday I go to obtain my enhanced drivers license…which will allow me to go to Ikea in Canada next Saturday!!!
I plan on posting pictures of my time with Heather next week. I don’t have any recent photos of myself in clothes that actually fit…so this is a great opportunity.

Have not really done anything creative recently. That would be due to the fact that I have been tired. Work has been busier and just low energy after dinner or on the last couple weekends.
Although, this past weekend the weather was nice so I spent some outdoor time with My Love and took a few pictures the night we went to see the sunset. One of which I am posting for you.

My only creative goal this week is to start the darn tote bag from 11/2012. I am doing my first live sew along via Skype this coming weekend. Going to make a table runner…so excited.
Sorry I have been a little lax in posting here. Working on getting back on track….I have been reading alot lately. So many books so little time. Reading three books right now…need to finish at least one soon as it gets a bit confusing..totally thinking I may be ADD when it comes to reading…lol.
Hope your night is joyful and peaceful.

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