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Hi. Well it has been a bit since I last posted. Life has been busy lately. I am still crocheting. In fact I finished my 1st Shawl. It was so much fun and easy to make. I have begun another one. This one and the one after that are going to be birthday gifts. I know I know I said this was to be ny selfish hobby. Boy was I in denial!

I am still sewing. In fact I am in the midst of my biggest project yet. A bag to contain my yarn stash. Of course I can not take the easy path. I am making it a patchwork bag. It contains 5 different fabrics. I am cutting them so they are 10 inches long by 6 inches wide. Seriously wondering if I am insane.

I also have an order for an apron. And just yesterday I was asked to make a band to hold an ostomy bag in place for one of the sweetest 4 year olds I know.

Hope your enjoying your Saturday

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So I came across a sample of Handy Hands Lizbeth Thread that I ordered awhile ago. So I figure why not practice with it. I am rather impressed with myself!!! 


I was on Fiskars website the other night and came across instructions for making a comfort pillow. It seemed simple enough so I figured why not. Boy was I wrong…every thing was great until I went to sew it after filling with flax seed. The dang fabric would not move. So I ended up finishing this one with a couple of rows of stitches and a pair of pinking shears.


I made a second one. As you can see this one I finished a bit differently.

I made these as I was looking for a gift for someone and thought this would be perfect her being a runner.  I feel that the second one is not full enough ( I ran out of flax seed) So I will keep it for myself. It seems to appears to be the perfect size to use for alleviating both menstrual cramps and the neck pain I get plagued with!


While at Hobby Lobby this weekend I picked up 2 yards of this fleece. My Love had requested a blanket. Easy. Sure. I got this.
This is now day 2 of the blanket project.
Let’s recap
Day 1: upper thread brakes twice, lower thread brakes once, stitching gets wonky, wonky stitches removed, stitches go wonky (again), stitches removed (again).
Day 2: rethreading machine, start with new needle, realize the problem is the selected stitch, change stitches (I will fix it so no one will tell), realize I can not hide the stitches and be happy with how it looks, cut off all sewing that took place thus far. So now I have slightly under 2 yards of fabric and will start again tomorrow.
Despite all this I am enjoying myself.


This is the fabric that My Love handed me and said make a baby blanket. What a perfect pattern for a baby boy…I discovered that 99.999% of my stash is girl fabric.


So how does one layout a baby blanket for photographing?


Or this is an option too.


Just can’t stop sharing the pictures…could be because this is the 1st blanket I have ever made. Maybe it’s because I was able to complete this start to finish in just over 2 hours!!!


So I ended up doing two different stitches…well because I need to cover a goof I made in the beginning. I think it makes it look unique.

So now I can breath that this is done. Until after work when I need to go find a locket to go with this blanket…so stress!!

My 1st Attempt at a Blanket!

I finally caught the cold that has been plaguing my community. This happened last Thursday. By Friday night I was miserable…it totally hit me like a brick wall. With so many plans for the weekend I tried numerous remedies. Tea,  Sudafed and Afrin gave absolutely zero relieve. I increased my water intake as I was feeling dehydrated…this helped a bit. The cinnamon honey remedy helped minimally. I finally located local raw honey and have been taking 2-3 teaspoons a day. I feel this has helped the most. My sense of taste and sense of smell are hit and miss. I heard/felt my stomach growl so coffee in hand I headed to the kitchen.
What to make? Banana Pancakes….2 ingredient pancakes. Truth be told I NEVER make pancakes (this is My Love’s  fortay). The only reason these popped in my head is that a co worker told me how her family likes them. So that settled that and off I went. These where very easily made. They were ok. I did not add the baking powder as many reviews suggested. I would definitely put the bp in next time because they kind tasted like banana eggs.
I took a PTO day today to get the rest  ( lol ) I need to continue to get better. In my efforts to rest I have put corned beef in the cockpot, have boneless chicken breast marinating, made a pot of Starbucks Breakfast Blend and turned on my iron to continue working on my current sewing project. I am so excited by what I am currently making I can barely contain my enthusiasm. I am hoping to complete the project today.
I also decided that for the month of March ever day I will take at least one picture of something. I will start posting these pictures every Wednesday!!!


I restrained myself! Only purchased 8 yards of new fabric. Also picked up heavy needles, heavy thread, labels and three new glass jars that will be perfect for displaying my loose tea


So I was in need of some thread and ended up with these items plus a Dritz Bobbin Box. I just love that it was under $16 for all this.  I am excited that I found the perfect size hoop. It is for a thread catcher I have been wanting to make.

I realized yesterday when I was sewing the Wristlet Key Strap that something was amiss with my machine. So today I investigated. Learned a couple things in the process. Based on my investigation I realized there was a tension issue. Not just on the needle thread but also on the bobbin thread. I adjusted both and I am back in business. One important thing I learned is that my machine does not like it when I use 1 brand for the needle thread and another brand for the bobbin thread. Until now I did not realize that could make a difference. Live and Learn. 

Going to practice making fabric napkins tonight. How hard could they be?

Unfortunately, the next chance I will get after tonight to sew will be on Sunday. Hoping to start the Piggy Bag. Trying to at least get some of each gift project worked on this weekend. I really want to get to my sewing machine cover…sooner than later.

Enjoy what the rest of today brings you!

I am slowly making progress or not! Ripped stitches tonite to open the side pockets. Surprisingly went quicker than I thought. Both pockets corrected in under 30 mins. Then I sewed the lining to the bottom. Great no issues. Then I began sewing the handle interfacing and lining to front. Issues begin: run out of bobbin thread, bobbin thread does not want to wind onto the bobbin and stitches become very weird ( ripping stitches are in my near future)then have to re-thread machine. At this point I called it a nite.

When the bobbin thread starts running low there should be some type of warning system. This way one would be prepared **just my personal opinion**

Why is it that for 2 days now thread does not want to wind on to the bobbin? However when I flipped the bobbin over and tried to wind that way..there was no issue.

How would I know when it is time to replace a needle? Weird stitches—are they a sign?

So what I thought was a simple tote bag has become a challenge. A challenge I am up for…to the extent that I am planning on making this again!

If you can assist me with my bobbin issues it would be greatly appreciated!

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