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For this photo I turned the bag inside out. The pattern I referred to did not have a pocket. I felt it needed a pocket for my phone. I adore this pocket. I took it yet one step further and added a loop for my keys.


I wanted to do a trial run on the piggy toy bag. This is the perfect size for me. Of the bags I have made this is by far my favorite. However too small for a toy bag. Back to the thinking board.

Tonite progress has occurred. I attached the interfacing to the sides, bottom, front and back. I sewed and attached pocket 1 to the front.
*Honestly did not understand pleating so I designed this pocket myself.

Update….continually having issues almost at the point of discarding project.


I just finished cutting out the pattern for the flowered tote in the above picture.


This is going to be the exterior of the Tote.


This is going to be the lining of the Tote.


This is going to be the contrast fabric I will use fort there straps. If all goes well in my world….I will begin work on this tomorrow night after my road trip!

Update….I decided I do not like the method of their handle so I am making them my way Anna’s changed my mind on the fabric fort the handles. Went with something outside my comfort zone. Well post a picture soon of the progress.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!

Have you been wondering what I have been doing this week? Well there has been a little progress on the Tote Bag Project.  I have sewn the front and back to the bottom of the bag. I need to pin the sides and then sew that together. This project is taking longer than I anticipated. In fact I can honestly tell you that I am no longer interested in this project or the fabric being used. I will complete the project just for completion sake. Hope that makes sense. 

Seeing that this evening was when I discovered my lack of enthusiasm over the project. I decided to do something on the upcycle level. I have seen several ideas on how to upcycle a T Shirt. My favorite being a Tote Bag. So I found myself on You Tube watching a video on how to do so. It looked so simple I ran to my closet and grabbed a couple T shirts.  To see what I did look for my next post.

I am slowly making progress or not! Ripped stitches tonite to open the side pockets. Surprisingly went quicker than I thought. Both pockets corrected in under 30 mins. Then I sewed the lining to the bottom. Great no issues. Then I began sewing the handle interfacing and lining to front. Issues begin: run out of bobbin thread, bobbin thread does not want to wind onto the bobbin and stitches become very weird ( ripping stitches are in my near future)then have to re-thread machine. At this point I called it a nite.

When the bobbin thread starts running low there should be some type of warning system. This way one would be prepared **just my personal opinion**

Why is it that for 2 days now thread does not want to wind on to the bobbin? However when I flipped the bobbin over and tried to wind that way..there was no issue.

How would I know when it is time to replace a needle? Weird stitches—are they a sign?

So what I thought was a simple tote bag has become a challenge. A challenge I am up for…to the extent that I am planning on making this again!

If you can assist me with my bobbin issues it would be greatly appreciated!

Last nite I decided that enough was enough and started My Tote Bag Project. This was originally started 11/2012. I have been putting it off because it is from a pattern. Until recently I was petrified of working with a pattern. 

When I was putting out all the pieces I actually laughed. I could tell immediately that this was before I was introduced to a rotary cutter. I noticed a mistake on one of the pieces….however no big deal I will fix the error when the time comes. 

Here is what took place last nite:

Front, Back and side pieces all had interfacing attached (2 different types of interfacing because I ran out)




Front pocket 1 attached


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