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I used one pant leg and part of the bottom hem off the other leg to make this bag.


This is where the bag now lives. Inside are all the plastic bags that seemed to take over this closet…you know the ones from the grocery store, Target and Wal-Mart. I am so proud of this great idea that came to me!!

I have a t shirt that My Love is not a fan of so I used it tonite in this tutorial. I have a few T shirts from different fundraising events that I know I will not wear again. Now I will be able to reuse them as something new.Image

I flattened the shirt out on my work surface.


I took a dinner plate and put it over the top of the shirt.


Tracing the plate with a water soluble marker (please disregard the water drops on the shirt….did not complete dry the plate in between bags)


Cut along the trace so it looks like this.


Next you cut just this side of the seams on the sleeves.


After a miscut on another shirt I recommend cutting the sleeve as I show in the picture. Takes an extra moment but worth the time.


Turn the shirt inside out and pin along the seam.  I used a zigzag stitch. I also used the T shirt seam as a guide as to where to place the presser foot.


And Tote Bag Done.


Just another view of the Tote Bag.


This is just a shot of me holding it by the handles.


This is the 1st one I made


This was so quick and easy. Have fun!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!

Have you been wondering what I have been doing this week? Well there has been a little progress on the Tote Bag Project.  I have sewn the front and back to the bottom of the bag. I need to pin the sides and then sew that together. This project is taking longer than I anticipated. In fact I can honestly tell you that I am no longer interested in this project or the fabric being used. I will complete the project just for completion sake. Hope that makes sense. 

Seeing that this evening was when I discovered my lack of enthusiasm over the project. I decided to do something on the upcycle level. I have seen several ideas on how to upcycle a T Shirt. My favorite being a Tote Bag. So I found myself on You Tube watching a video on how to do so. It looked so simple I ran to my closet and grabbed a couple T shirts.  To see what I did look for my next post.

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